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Living the American Dream: Sonsray’s Expansion Across 5 States

Dreaming big and actualizing them into reality are two different things. Achieving goals requires a lot of skills and qualities. It takes immense courage, determination, and ability to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of success. Matthew Hoelscher is a prime example of an individual who has successfully made a name for himself in the construction and transportation industry, inspiring others to pursue their version of the American dream. Matthew Hoelscher’s story is an excellent place to start if you’re seeking inspiration and motivation.

Rewinding: It All Starts From the Farm

Mathew is the founder and CEO of SONSRAY. Matthew’s creative imagination and unwavering strength have been instrumental in his accomplishments. From being raised on a farm to fetching his dreams, he has done a remarkable job. Growing up, he was surrounded by heavy machinery, and unintentionally, Mathew became familiar with the heavy equipment and acquired an excellent knowledge of them. Upon his wife’s motivation, he went to college and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, and got a job in sales in the transportation industry.

Vision To Think Big

As mathew was into the transportation industry in 2009, he saw an opportunity in refrigerated trailer rentals and spared no time to seize it. After a tiring year of asking for referrals, he decided to give it a shot and start his own company, and that’s how SONSRAY came into being. The name holds a high place in Matthew’s life as it reflects his love for his 3 SONS and daughter RAYne. By 2010, Sonsray Rentals & leasing Trailers were running on the road with ten established locations. Each continues to assist customers with transporting refrigeration and trailer equipment via the sister company Sonsray fleet services.  In 2012 mathew saw through an opportunity to open 12 existing construction equipment locations and invested in it. They are now grown into 15 occasions and operate as Sonsray Machinery. 

Dream It. Work for It. Live It.

Matthew Hoelsher is living the life of the dreams that anyone can imagine today. He is the proud and sole owner of the Sonsray Group and cherishes spending quality time with his family. Matthew sets an example for emerging entrepreneurs and exemplifies how one can easily balance work and family life. Married for two decades, he resides in Redondo Beach, California. Despite his formal image as a CEO managing five companies, Matthew enjoys engaging in fun activities such as surfing and basketball and spending time with his loved ones.

A Family of Millions 

From workers and employees to customers, SONSRAY is a family of millions. Starting from nothing but a clear vision and some expertise, today, there are 33 Sonsray locations on the West Coast and East Coast, stretching from the borders of Mexico to Canada in 5 states. SONSRAY is proudly providing customers with world-class equipment and aftermarket support. In 2014 Sonsray was established to house the divisions under one corporate roof. Sonsray Rentals joined the family in 2019 to better serve customers interested in machinery rentals. The utmost priority of the SONSRAY group is to look out for its customers and support them in the best way possible in construction, Agriculture, Equipment Rentals, Transportation and Trailer Rentals, and leasing business. 

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