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Launching Your Own Medical Practice: Advice from Retired Dr. Lee Bazzarone

launching your own medical practice advice from retired dr lee bazzarone

Launching your own medical practice after completing med school can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. As a medical practitioner, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of your patients, while also building a successful career for yourself. Here are some additional tips from Dr. Lee Bazzarone, a retired chiropractor and successful practitioner, on how to launch your own medical practice after completing med school.

Hire the Right Staff

Building a strong team is essential to the success of your medical practice. You’ll need to hire staff who are not only skilled and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, but who also share your vision for patient care. Consider hiring staff who have experience working in medical practices, as they’ll be able to bring valuable insights and skills to your team.

Choose the Right Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

An EHR system is a digital record of a patient’s medical history, including medications, test results, and other important information. Choosing the right EHR system is important, as it can help you to provide better care to your patients, improve efficiency, and reduce errors. Look for a system that’s easy to use, reliable, and compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Offer Flexible Payment Options

Patients today have a wide range of options when it comes to paying for medical services. To make it easier for your patients to pay for your services, consider offering flexible payment options such as credit card payments, payment plans, and financing options. You should also consider accepting a variety of insurance plans, as this can help you to attract a wider range of patients.

Use Marketing to Build Your Brand

Marketing is an important aspect of launching any new business, including a medical practice. You’ll need to create a strong brand that resonates with your target market, and that sets you apart from your competitors. This can be done by creating a logo, developing a tagline, and creating marketing materials such as brochures and flyers. You should also consider using digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to reach your target audience.

Embrace Technology

Technology can be a powerful tool for medical practitioners, helping to improve patient care, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Consider implementing technologies such as telemedicine, which allows you to provide medical services remotely, and patient portals, which allow patients to access their medical records and communicate with their healthcare providers online. You may also consider using mobile health apps, wearable devices, and other technologies to help your patients manage their health and wellness.

Prioritize Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction should be a top priority for any medical practitioner. This means providing high-quality medical care, listening to your patients’ concerns, and providing personalized treatment plans. You should also consider using patient satisfaction surveys to gather feedback from your patients, and to identify areas for improvement.

Network with Other Professionals

Networking with other medical professionals in your community can be an excellent way to build relationships, share knowledge and resources, and improve patient care. Attend local medical conferences and events, join professional organizations, and connect with other medical professionals on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

In conclusion, launching your own medical practice after completing med school requires careful planning, dedication, and hard work. By following these additional tips from Dr. Lee Bazzarone, you can increase your chances of success and make a positive impact on the health and wellness of your patients. Remember to prioritize patient care and satisfaction, embrace technology, network with other professionals, and hire the right staff. Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

About Dr. Lee Bazzarone

Dr. Lee Bazzarone is a retired chiropractor who built a successful career as a practitioner beginning in 1988. He is excited to seek new entrepreneurial endeavors and online initiatives. He is active in his church and works regularly with church youth. With a heart for serving, he and his wife have volunteered for missions in Haiti. Dr. Bazzarone has a wealth of health knowledge and advice as well as deep insight into how insurance works.



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