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Korea’s healthiest bamboo salt brand, “K-Lava Salt,” is now available in the USA.

K-Lava Bamboo salt is manufactured by INSANGA, the world’s first 9x baked original bamboo salt manufacturer since 1987.

K-Lava Salt is Korea’s No. 1 Bamboo Salt which is the original industrialized bamboo salt, manufactured for the first time by the Korean company INSANGA in 1987. They are now delivering their popular K-Lava Salt to residents in the USA.  Popular for its range of health benefits, K-Lava Salt is now being delivered across the USA after seeing massive success in South Korea. In addition, INSANGA also offers a variety of excellent care & beauty products made with this high-quality bamboo salt. Products of K-LAVA SALT and Seaseal Soaps are shipped to the USA nationwide. SEASEAL toothpaste and hair care products are available worldwide.

Producing K-Lava Salt requires at least five preparations, such as sea salt, bamboo, pine, clay soil, and a cast-iron furnace.  Sea salt is put into bamboo stumps sealed with clay soil and baked in a cast-iron furnace at over 1472 degrees Fahrenheit over pine tree firewood. The salt powder that has been baked is put into a new bamboo stump, sealed, and baked again. This step is done nine times. Then it goes through a process called “lava melting,” in which the salt boils like lava at over 3092 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a key part of the process that boosts alkalizing, antioxidant effects, and minerals absorbability in the body.

Thanks to this carefully crafted process, K-Lava Salt has superior potency that can be measured by its content of therapeutic trace minerals, and the level of reduction, antioxidant. 

With 55 minerals and a unique manufacturing process, K-Lava Salt provides a lot of benefits and advantages, such as:

– Supplying the body’s essential minerals.

– Turning any food and drink from acidic to more neutral and alkaline.

– Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

– Aids in blood purification and metabolism

– Helps maintain the body’s pH level

– Helps promote detoxification and protect cells from free radicals.

And many more.

The users of the salt are in awe of the benefits the salt possesses. Users are giving five-star reviews and mentioned, it really adds a great flavor to soups and other food items we’ve cooked with thus far. I wish I could better describe it in words as to the flavor, but we definitely can tell it’s a cut above any other salt types we’ve tried thus far, and we all enjoy it. I was surprised at the purported health benefits of it overall, as well. It gets two thumbs up from me!” “Absolutely delicious on everything!”

K-Lava Salt has been awarded several certifications:

– Designated as the Food Grand Master for Bamboo Salt Manufacture.

– Awarded Presidential Prize for Masterpiece Quality.

– Acquisition of LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health And Sustainability) Certification

– Certified HACCP, Hazard Analysis, and Critical Control Points

– Certified ISO9001 for Environmental Management System

– Awarded Consumers’ Grand Prize by the Korean Consumer Association.

On speaking to the media, the spokesperson from the company said,Once people learn about Insanga, most of them turn to become our fans. It was the word-of-mouth publicity that has made Insanga as great as it is today. Following the exact prescription of Dr. Insan Ill-hoon Kim, we produce every product with honesty.”

Insanga wants to give its customers the best quality bamboo salt possible, so it keeps investing in research and developing new products based on its own formula and knowledge. It has launched SEASEAL bamboo salt toothpaste & soap; and scalp & hair care products. SEASEAL is its cosmetics brand that symbolizes “seal of the sea, the shape of a bamboo salt pillar”. There are some scientific papers proving that bamboo salt is good for inflammation. SEASEAL bamboo salt toothpaste contains three percent of 9 times baked bamboo salt, and it is free of fluoride or SLS, synthetic foaming agent. Also, SEASEAL scalp scaler contains 43% bamboo salt, and it gives a cool feeling to the scalp.

Insanga is on track to become a successful global company because its management is forward-thinking and cares more than any other company about giving its customers the best experience.

To learn more visit the official website of K-Lava Salt.

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Users can enjoy a $3 discount when they subscribe to a health newsletter and can also win up to a $20 coupon on purchases.


INSAN Inc., which does business as INSANGA, was the first company in the world to start making “bamboo salt” in 1987. “Save the World by Saving People” is a very important idea to INSANGA. Other than salt, they also offer a wide range of products made with high-quality bamboo salt, such as toothpaste, scalp scrub, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a lot more.

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Company Name: Insan Inc

Contact Person: Yoonse Kim


City: Hamyang


Country: South Korea

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