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Knockout Schedules: The Best Apps for Boxing Schedule Enthusiasts

Knockout Schedules: The Best Apps for Boxing Schedule Enthusiasts


In a world of fast-paced sports, keeping up with the latest boxing schedules and events has never been easier, thanks to the convenience of smartphone apps. Whether you’re a die-hard boxing aficionado or just a casual fan, these apps can help you stay in the loop, ensuring you never miss a punch, knockout, or historic match. In this article, we’ll explore the best apps for boxing schedule enthusiasts, providing you with a ringside seat to the thrilling world of boxing.

Boxing Schedule by Simbros Studios

Boxing Schedule by Simbros Studios is a comprehensive app that caters specifically to boxing fans. It offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and discover upcoming fights, events, and even weigh-ins. The app provides detailed information about fight cards, venues, and broadcasters, allowing you to plan your viewing experience in advance. You can also set reminders for specific fights to receive notifications before they begin, ensuring you never miss a bout.

The Ring Magazine

The Ring Magazine is a legendary publication in the world of boxing, and their app is equally impressive. It not only covers boxing schedules but also offers in-depth news, analysis, rankings, and exclusive content. With this app, you can access a wealth of boxing knowledge while staying updated on upcoming matches and events. The Ring Magazine app is an invaluable resource for boxing enthusiasts looking to dive deeper into the sport.


ESPN is a trusted name in sports coverage, and their app provides extensive boxing coverage, including schedules, live scoring, and news updates. Whether you’re interested in heavyweight clashes or undercard fights, the ESPN app has you covered. It also offers video highlights, interviews, and analysis from expert commentators. If you’re a sports fan in general, this app is a must-have, as it covers a wide range of sports alongside boxing.

Fight Reminder

Fight Reminder is a straightforward app designed to do one thing exceptionally well: remind you about upcoming fights. You can search for your favorite fighters, add them to your watchlist, and receive notifications when their matches are approaching. This app is perfect for busy fans who want a no-frills way to stay informed about the boxing schedule.


DAZN is a popular streaming platform for combat sports, including boxing. Their app not only allows you to watch live fights but also provides comprehensive information about upcoming events, fighter profiles, and schedules. DAZN often features exclusive matches, making it a must-have app for boxing enthusiasts who want access to premium content.


While not exclusively dedicated to boxing, FlashScore is a versatile sports app that covers a wide range of sports, including boxing. It offers live scoring, detailed match statistics, and event schedules. You can personalize the app to follow your favorite fighters and receive notifications about their upcoming bouts. FlashScore is an excellent choice for sports fans who enjoy following multiple sports in one app.

Boxing News by Newsfusion

Boxing News by Newsfusion is a specialized app that focuses on providing the latest news, articles, and updates from the world of boxing. It covers schedules, results, and rankings, ensuring you’re always in the know. The app offers a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, making it a great resource for those who want to stay updated on the latest developments in the boxing world.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a comprehensive sports news app that includes boxing coverage. It offers a mix of breaking news, analysis, and video highlights. While the app covers a wide range of sports, its boxing section provides detailed schedules, fighter profiles, and event coverage. If you’re already a Bleacher Report user, you can easily access boxing content alongside your other favorite sports.


With the convenience of modern technology, staying updated on the boxing schedule has never been easier. These apps cater to boxing enthusiasts of all levels, from casual fans to hardcore aficionados. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive event schedules, live scoring, or in-depth analysis, there’s an app tailored to your needs. So, download your favorite boxing schedule app today and ensure you never miss a thrilling round, knockout, or championship fight again. It’s time to step into the ring of convenience and stay connected to the exciting world of boxing.

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