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Keninah, Binance, And Cosmos – Three Payment Tokens That Integrate Blockchain Technology For Potential 10x Gains

Since natural disasters are unpredictable, humans can fall victim at any time, which causes assets and funds to become hard to reach. As a benefit to all, the crypto world has evolved into a new dimension. Users can now withdraw or deposit cryptocurrencies at an affordable price.

Keninah was designed in response to this need. This platform is supposed to be stable during high market volatility. Keninah is community-driven and ready to improve society through its primary service.


Objectives Of Keninah In The Crypto Market

Keninah is a decentralized finance project. As a result, the transaction process will be easy and accessible to donors and recipients. Conversion options are present on Keninah. Therefore, traders who want to donate but don’t have KEN can make their donations using ETH or BTC.

Keninah is built on a Binance Smart Chain and supports 160 transactions per second at a fast rate. With this opportunity, users can buy, sell, withdraw, or deposit KEN anywhere they are based or on any device.

Keninah aims to improve the transparency and traceability of transfer information. When users have detailed exchange rate information, they can track it when and if any issues occur.


To ensure complete transparency, Keninah adds information about recipients to its platform. As a result, users can track their donations until they reach their recipients.

You can also transfer the KEN token from one blockchain to another without intermediaries’ restrictions. This feature is beneficial to those who have been affected by war or natural disasters. The system assures them of an error-free or delayed process.

No additional fee for donations will be required, and that’s a notably fantastic feature Keninah has for their token holders. The best part is that token holders can stake KEN to gain massive interest in their total amount.

The Keninah ecosystem enforces innovative contract protocols that lead to a highly secure transaction system for all users. This system has also birthed an end-to-end payment option where the funds can be paid using the Keninah token.

Keninah Versus BNB And Cosmos

BNB is a utility token for the Binance Smart Chain network. This crypto asset also serves as the native token of the Binance exchange. As such, the BNB token is central to many of the services offered within the Binance ecosystem.

The Binance coin is a popular currency used for swift transactions at low fees. Additionally, the Binance coin can be used to fund trading options, credit card payments, loan opportunities, and investment possibilities.

Users can also stake the Binance coin to earn passive rewards. All users have to do is stake the total number of Binance coins they can afford, and they will receive their rewards over an extended period.

The additional reward comes from burning Binance coins. So, the interest compounds for users as demand increases. The platform also adopts the smart contract scheme, which supports decentralized exchange (DEX).


Cosmos is a network that facilitates crypto transactions between blockchains. ATOM is the native currency of Cosmos. Therefore, all users must have it in order to make payments and trade on the Cosmos network.

Through the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, ATOM holders can stake and earn depending on the amount of token staked. The community needs to hold, trade, or invest in ATOM before it can venture into the affairs of the ecosystem.

In summary, Cosmos is governed by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization protocol, and users are free to vote for the changes they want to see on the network.

BNB, Cosmos, and Keninah are cryptocurrencies that support blockchain technology. However, Keninah has proven to be unique in its features. It creates a no-fee ecosystem, allowing users to initiate multiple transactions daily.

Keninah is a decentralized finance platform that allows you to reach those in need with your donations. Donors are always welcome as they tremendously impact Keninah’s objectives.

Suppose you are interested in growing with this platform, you have a chance to opt-in now. Traders purchasing Keninah using USDT TRC-20 will receive a 14% and a 7% Stage 1 bonus. The time to speculate and accumulate is now.


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