The Latest Dex Listings On Binance Smart Chain

Every day hundreds of new cryptocurrencies appear on the dex markets. Of these, among a large number that seems to be little more than a mere computer exercise without a concrete project or precise positioning strategies, there are some that we consider worthy of attention.


The asset’s website reads “Crypto. Music. NFT “. For crypto read token, mined on Binance Smart Chain, therefore BEP-20. The project starts from the music market as the token is representative of an international record producer, MASTERM in fact, which boasts collaborations with multi-platinum world stars including Fatman Scoop, Alexandra Stan, 24 Hrs, Sean Kingston etc. The MASTERM record catalog is present on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc.) with a good presence on youtube and the various social platforms. This is the leading artist of the innovative Vibranium label, also oriented to the Web3.

The artist turns out to have a top track that was widely listened to in this period. This is “I have a Dream (Ecuador)” feat. by Alexandra Stan and 24hrs.

Captivating graphics, a very distinctive and original ticker and logo, an active and entertaining telegram community 24 hours a day that has also dedicated custom “MASTERM” stickers to the project definitely constitute the basis on which the team can build marketing actions of sure effect. Another strength that must certainly be taken into consideration is the artist’s network which, counting among its world-class featuring stars, can count on millions of users. These are the factors that could make us consider this project a potential gem. 

Minted in just 100 million units, the token is priced around $ 0.59 for a market capitalization of $ 59 million. A balanced tokenomics, a precise and credible roadmap, a smart contract that has successfully passed the audit made entirely available on the website, are an important sign of transparency, seriousness and concreteness.


Giotto is a very different project from the previous one, even if in some way it also embraces the world of art, understood however as a productive art. A project that starts from Italy (even if promoted by the Slovenian company Giotto MK d.o.o.) and represented by a denomination and a ticker inspired by an Italian excellence: the Florentine painter Giotto born in 1267, recognized all over the world for his art synonymous with quality and perfection.

The GIOTTO project aims to certify the distinctive signs of the production excellence of Made in Italy in the field of fashion in blockchain, consisting of logos, essential elements of the company and know-how, enclosing them in an NFT in the BSC blockchain. 

A project therefore mainly aimed at business users who will be able to purchase GIOTTO services only through their namesake utility token.

GIOTTO therefore aims to develop a “certified badge” to be attributed to its customers, who will have the benefit of being listed in a sort of “List of excellence” in a special section that can be publicly consulted on the project website.

On its website GIOTTO explains why it is important to certify one’s business in blockchain: transparency, protection of one’s know-how, acquisition of authority, simplicity and autonomy in the use of one’s catalog of certifications with respect to the pre-Web3 bureaucracy.

The above is representative of a very structured project oriented to a specific market, which differs considerably from most of the crypto projects of the last period. 

Minted in 100 billion, the GIOTTO token has a current value of approximately $ 0.78 for a market capitalization of over 78 Billions. There are currently no known logics, algorithms or initiatives for burning the important supply. The contract was audited by StaySAFU, a leading industry leader.

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