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JumpTask: An Opportunity to Make Money in the Gig Economy

The ways people make money are evolving quickly. Remember the days when people were working primarily on full-time jobs? Nowadays, more and more workers are joining the gig economy – an industry based on short-term contracts.

Would you like to earn more money on the side? You clicked on the right article. Today we will find out what the gig economy is and why you should consider joining it. Also, we will have a quick look at the new platform JumpTask to see if it’s suitable for beginner freelancers to try.

What Is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is a market where freelancers and businesses meet. Freelancers (or gig workers) complete various gigs or projects and get paid. All work assignments are mainly temporary, which is the opposite of regular 9-5 jobs.

Freelancers get flexibility when they join the gig economy. First, they can manage their workload and choose how many gigs they want to work on. Second, gig workers can work from anywhere in the world and at the time of the day convenient for them.

And the gig economy is booming – the industry is expected to exceed $400B this year! That being said, the sector is growing, and more people are joining every year. The question is – how to be a part of it if you are a beginner?

What Is JumpTask?

There is a relatively new platform called JumpTask, which offers various gigs to freelancers worldwide. The project launched in January 2022 and already has 920k+ users, meaning that the platform is growing quickly. What’s interesting is that JumpTask pays freelancers in its own cryptocurrency – JumpToken (JMPT).

How to get started? Well, you need to connect your crypto wallet first. In case you don’t have it yet, no worries. The wallet can be automatically created for you when using social logins to sign up. After that, it’s done – you can select a task, complete it, and get paid in JMPT. Later you can exchange your tokens for cash if you wish.

What Can I Do on JumpTask?

There are a few ways to earn on the platform. Notably, most tasks are suitable for beginner freelancers, and there could be more ways to earn on JumpTask. However, the platform is very new and will likely add more earning types in the future.

First, you can earn passive income with JumpTask’s partner Honeygain. Here’s how it works: you can download the Honeygain app, let it run in the background, and share your internet bandwidth. For each megabyte shared, you get paid in credits that are later turned into JMPT. While you won’t make millions, the method can get you money on the side passively.

Second, you can try the Offerwalls earning type, which lists various tasks. These require some effort, but no expert knowledge is needed. The list of things you can do includes trying new apps, playing fun games, or completing engaging surveys. The choice is yours – you can pick the task that interests you the most and start your earning journey without too much effort.

Third, there is a method for freelancers to increase their JMPT earnings. It’s called staking: using your existing tokens to generate crypto rewards. In case you haven’t heard about staking before, no worries. In a nutshell, staking works as your regular savings account. You deposit money and earn interest – only this time, you are depositing crypto and earning JMPT.

Overall, beginner freelancers will find a few ways to earn on the platform. The question is – how much money can you make?

How Much Can I Make?

The platform offers a decent side hustle for freelancers to make some extra money on the side. It’s certainly possible to make $50 per month on JumpTask, or even more. Your total earnings will depend on how many tasks you complete and whether you use staking, as mentioned above.

The good thing about JumpTask is that you can get JMPT in other ways too. JumpTask organizes regular token giveaways, WinDrops, for its community of freelancers. These giveaways require steps to get into, but it’s an excellent way for gig workers to get bonus JMPT. You can check JumpTask’s official Twitter or Discord channels for more information.

Ready to Try JumpTask?

To conclude, JumpTask provides an opportunity to earn for freelancers worldwide. While there could be more ways to earn, there are more than enough options to make money for beginners. That being said, you should definitely try JumpTask to see if you can find your first side hustle.

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