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Freelancers: Top 5 Benefits Of Using Client Portal Software

There are many benefits to using client portal software in your business for freelancers. This type of software allows clients to communicate directly with you through an online portal and track their projects throughout their entirety. Here are five of the top benefits of using this kind of program in your business.

1) Professional appearance

A professional-looking website gives clients an excellent first impression and instills confidence in your work. Furthermore, your website may be one of your clients’ only chances to see you in action—make sure it makes you look like a superstar. 

2) Speedy communication

Once you have clients using your client portal software, they can send messages to you through an internal messaging system. This allows them to communicate with you quickly and easily without calling you or emailing. Use message notifications to let them know when they’ve sent a message and then respond in real-time so that no matter where they are, you’re always accessible. Many freelancers keep their client portals open all day long so that it’s easy for clients to reach out whenever they need them. This can be a handy feature if one of your clients is overseas and doesn’t have a phone number in your area code. There will be no need for expensive international calls or international texting costs because all correspondence occurs via messaging within your client portal software.

3) Easy to use

In addition to saving time and hassle, using client portal software eliminates tedious billing procedures. Rather than sending a bill through snail mail or email, you can now send it straight to your client’s online portal. If they want to pay their invoice online and you haven’t already set up payment preferences with them, you can even do that right in your portal! With just a few clicks, both of you will be on your way. Manage all of your clients from one easy-to-use interface with just one login—no need to juggle multiple logins for separate sites. Plus, getting rid of bulky bills reduces paper usage by nearly 80 percent as an added benefit.

4) Security

A client portal is usually considered one of your most essential pieces of technology, if only because you’re sending and receiving sensitive data. Security is crucial with so much up in the air and many people relying on your data. Clients need to know that they can trust you to use their information with care and discretion, as they often have legal obligations to protect sensitive data. A hacker could do some serious damage by gaining access to your system; make sure you take all precautions. 

5) Customization possibilities 

Some tools are flexible enough to allow clients to tailor and enhance them with their resources. This leads to higher levels of customer engagement, a more thorough understanding of client needs, and a sense of community. A customized tool can also reduce costs by decreasing reliance on third-party services and eliminating overage charges. “Hectichas worked with many companies that needed customization. They offer custom software development for those who need customized programs for their businesses.


Businesses benefit greatly from being able to offer their clients an online client portal. Providing your clients with an easy-to-use service that allows them to view documents, track activity, and get updates can make for much happier customers. And happier customers mean more business! In addition, clients who don’t need a fully featured CRM may appreciate a scaled-down option that is easier to use and offers them more value at a fraction of the cost.


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