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Joint Cap Venture Limited in Talks with Property Development Firm to Team Up to Develop Residential Project in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Joint Cap Venture Limited’s plans to further diversify its business appear to be heating up, with the company confirming reports that it is currently in discussions with a leading firm in the real sector in Vietnam on establishing a partnership with regard to the development of a residential project in Binh Duong.

Joint Cap Venture Limited said in a statement that, “both parties are looking into plans to leverage on each other’s strengths so as to realize greater growth and development through collaboration on a residential project development”. A company spokesman further added that “We are in the midst of the discussion, things are moving along and everything is looking positive thus far”.

In response to queries for further details with regards to the property development company or the development in question, Joint Cap Venture Limited did not release information beyond the fact that the company is, “an important player within the real estate sector in Vietnam and that the development in question is situated in an ideal location with excellent surrounding infrastructure”. It is also understood that the current is approved for the development of both apartment and shophouse units.

Such a move by Joint Cap Venture Limited comes hot on the heels of the company entering the luxury goods sector through its luxury goods trading arm, JCV LUXE, and is a strong indication that the company is expanding beyond its core business of providing a comprehensive range of actuarial and strategic consulting services for enterprises as well as the development of Systems, Programs, and Algorithms that utilize artificial intelligence and actuarial science.

Industry analysts note that any partnership between Joint Cap Venture Limited and the property development firm would mark a significant step forward for both parties and would be a win-win situation for both sides.

Industry analysts point out that the partnership would most likely involve the property development firm leveraging on the Joint Cap Venture’s capital and expertise in the field of risk management while Joint Cap Venture would benefit from its partner’s experience in the field of real estate development.

While details on any collaboration between both parties remain scarce at moment, something that we can be sure of is that Joint Cap Venture Limited and any potential partner will be able to complement each other and realize significant synergies through their partnership.

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