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Jeremy Millul Shares Tips For Shopping Jewelry on a Budget: Find Affordable and High-Quality Pieces

jeremy millul shares tips for shopping jewelry on a budget find affordable and high quality pieces

When it comes to shopping for jewelry, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Many people want beautiful items that add value and beauty to their look but are also realistic in their budget. Can you get high quality pieces at a competitive price? The answer is yes. Jeremy Millul, the founder of Jeremy Millul Inc., knows a thing or two about how to make money stretch to achieve your best goals. He offers advice and guidance on buying jewelry you love on a budget.

Buy What You Love and Skip the Trends

One of the first bits of information and advice offered by Jeremy Millul is that you have to buy something you love or it is not worth the money you spend on it, no matter how affordable it may be. “I like to buy high quality pieces, but I do not buy items just because of the brand or because it has a high dollar value associated with it. I buy pieces I love, and that makes them well worth the amount I pay for them.”

Look for a Diamond That Fits Your Needs

If you are planning to buy diamonds, it is important to buy a diamond you love. It is easy to fall into the trap of buying what is standard or considered exceptional in the eyes of the jewelry designer and sales team. Instead, buy jewelry that fits your needs.

For example, most diamonds are valued based on the four C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat). However, you may love a different cut or a different level of clarity. Find a beautiful stone you love, as that is going to make the piece more special and meaningful to you.

You Can Work with Custom Jewelers

It’s a misconception that if you turn to a custom jeweler you are going to spend a lot more money than if you were to buy something out of the case. Often, you can work within your budget and get a great piece that you love. Encourage the jeweler to be creative in what they design for you. You may also want to stress the importance of quality workmanship. This can help make any piece you buy more unique and special.

The custom jewelry can often provide you with guidance on choosing materials that are exceptional in beauty and look but may not fit the standard for those four C’s. They can also help you choose unique gemstones, not just a diamond that could add character and charm to your look.

The Smaller Jewelers Are the Better Choice

Most of the big box retailers out there have very specific quotas to meet. They are there to push you through the sales process and get you to settle on something fast. Many are paid on commission. Flip the switch.

“Something I have learned in business is that the big guys are often very much focused on their bottom line while the smaller, more personal companies are those that devote more time to you and give you the very best final product. I like to put my money into a company or provider that is far more dedicated to quality than just rushing for the sale.”

Check out the local and even family owned locations near you. You may find this is also a great way to save some money. You may also be able to negotiate the price more freely here.

Consider Second Hand Items

When you are looking for a classic set of cufflinks, or you want a stunning ring, you do not have to buy what’s new and newly made. In fact, buying something that is second hand or even an heirloom piece can bring special meaning and character to your look. It also allows you to have something that has value that goes beyond the price. For many people, that can prove to be one of the best reasons to invest.

If you are looking for jewelry that is unique and special, you may want to spend a bit more on it. Yet, what you may realize quickly is that there are some excellent older and traditional items that truly create something special. Investing wisely in pieces that are made well using old school methods can be well worth your investment.

Investing in jewelry is also just that – an investment. Well selected pieces will grow in value over time, especially if they are meaningful. That makes spending slightly more worthwhile, but there’s no need to spend a huge amount right out of the door.

Get to Know Jeremy Millul

Jeremy Millul is a successful entrepreneur. As the founder of Jeremy Millul Inc., a company he began in 2015, he has worked to build a strong business model focused on providing exceptional service and industry knowledge.

Jeremy Millul graduated from New York’s Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University with his B.S. in finance. He minored in real estate. He has used his knowledge in the areas of product development, negotiating with suppliers, and marketing for product-based businesses to build businesses with multi-million-dollar annual revenues.

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