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Jeremy Millul Offers Jewelry Shopping Tips For Men: Choose the Right Piece for Any Occasion

jeremy millul offers jewelry shopping tips for men choose the right piece for any occasion

For successful entrepreneurs like Jeremy Millul, looking the part is just as important as building a successful company. When you look good and feel confident, you can achieve more of your goals and live the lifestyle you love. One key thing that many men could do better is to improve the type of jewelry they wear and how they choose pieces for just about any occasion. Doing so enhances style and makes a statement.

Finding the Right Look for You

Jeremy Millul has a wide range of tips to offer when it comes to choosing the right piece of jewelry for any occasion, sharing, “I choose jewelry that is meaningful. When I am buying something, I want it to speak to me, to represent me, to motivate me, or to be otherwise, something I love. Before I look at a price tag, I want to be sure it fits my personality and interests.”

Simple Tips for Success

For those shopping for jewelry, there are a few very important steps to take to ensure you choose pieces that fit the occasion. For men, Jeremy Millul, the founder of Jeremy Millul Inc., there are several simple things you can do to make a big outcome.

Choose a Watch That’s Useful and Beautiful

Watches are a given for men when it comes to jewelry, but not every watch is the same. Don’t select one just because of its value or the name brand. Instead, choose one that looks the part and creates the confidence you need. Most importantly, make sure it is one that benefits you.

Choose a watch that’s elegant and refined for business meetings and formal events. You want to be sure it’s going to give you the sense of sophistication you want during these types of events. For everyday use, hiking, or running in the morning, choose a more flexible, versatile watch that incorporates more of the fitness features you want. Keeping these types of watches separate can help you to look the part and get the most function out of them.

Shop for a Ring That’s Dominating

When shopping for a ring, keep things simple and direct. For men, wearing a ring or two can be a statement in itself, but you’ll want to spend some money buying a quality ring that’s unique in some way. Choose quality materials that you love, whether that’s a quality gold or silver ring. Men do not have to settle for a basic ring, though, or just a band. Even if you just want to wear a wedding band, make it a meaningful choice, one that fits your style and the look you love.

Be sure, too, that the ring fits your hand. When shopping for them, it’s not just important to choose a ring that fits your finger, but look at the way it fits your hand itself. A ring that’s too large and out of scale doesn’t feel or look right.

Buy the Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an important investment for anyone that plans to look sophisticated and professional. Most of the time, you should be wearing them if you are wearing a suit for a formal event or a professional meeting. Cufflinks are a simple added touch of elegance.

When shopping for them, you’ll find everything from simple to more complex and ornate items. Choose what speaks to you personally. You want something that is authentically you in terms of personality. That is going to help you love the way you look every time you set up for an evening on the town or that all important business meeting.

Add in a Cuff

Men who want to feel more modern and have a younger vibe can benefit from wearing a cuff. It’s much like a simple metal men’s bracelet but simplistic in design. Wearing it could help to give you a bit of an edge when it comes to looking more modern than traditional.

When choosing them, either metal or leather cuffs can work well. Consider those that are properly proportioned for the size of your arm. Metal cuffs tend to be more formal, while leather is great for adding a bit more of a personalized feel. Leather works well in everyday use.

A Few More Tips

“I like to dress for my audience, but with my personality in mind. That is, when I buy any type of men’s jewelry, I want my personality to shine so that anyone that wants to get to know me really knows who I am. Every piece of my look is curated to create a positive self-image.

Who Is Jeremy Millul?

Jeremy Millul graduated from New York’s Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University with his B.S. in finance. He minored in real estate. He founded and is the present of Jeremy Millul Inc., which he founded in 2015. His experience is exceptional in areas such as product development, negotiating with suppliers, and marketing for product-based businesses. He has worked to build his business success and multi-million-dollar annual revenues on a consistent basis.

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