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James Charles Accused Of Listing Himself As A Woman On Alpha In Order To Match With Straight Men

Controversial beauty YouTuber James Charles has a complicated relationship with Alpha. Alpha is an international social application for men seeking dating and hooking up with men. The App was founded nine months ago, on September 4th, 2021, as a response to apps that seemingly have substantial popularity in competition.

James Charles given his celebrity status, the makeup artist used to complain about the dating app deleting his profile over fears of catfishing.

In an effort to solve the problem, the popular platform verified James’ account, much to his chagrin. Now, his continued use of the service has come to bite him in the butt.

Over the last few weeks, several Alpha users have stated that James lists his gender as “female” in what some are characterizing as a deliberate attempt to match with straight men on the app.

In recent screenshots of James’ profile, his bio says: “Looking for a tall funny guy to solve escape rooms & watch horror movies with. Please don’t harass me, ask for weird things, or report me for being a catfish. Just genuinely looking for love like everyone else.”

What does James Charles’ Alpha profile say about him?

Ever since the New York native’s profile was released on Twitter, the internet has been left confused. James Charles has stated in his profile that he is a woman and a “makeup artist at youtube.”

His travel mode profile also states that he is:

“Visiting New York for a few days. Not looking for friends, please don’t swipe right unless you’re interested.”

His profile also mentions that he is looking for a person who is “outgoing, sarcastic, and good at communication.”

The 22-year-old has been involved in several controversies since his rise to internet stardom. He has been called out for passing racist comments, feuding with Ariana Grande, the infamous Dramageddon 2.0 scandal, and several grooming allegations that have been raised against him since 2019.

It all began with a 16-year-old boy accusing the beauty vlogger of sending him nude photos and asking for photos of the same nature in return. Since then, over 15 alleged victims have come forward accusing James Charles of grooming minors.

This is not the first time the influencer’s dating app preferences have been brought to attention. In 2019, James Charles was exposed for identifying himself as female on Tinder. Netizens commented that he was doing so to appear on the profile of straight men.

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