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Jair Bolsonaro has been compared to Donald Trump, and he certainly mirrors Bolsonaro’s United States’ buddy’s approach to gender issues

It’s a bustling financial center that is home to more than 12 million inhabitants. The city is the largest city in the Americas as well as the southern and western hemispheres.

It’s the biggest city that is Portuguese-speaking in the world. And it includes Portugal.

When I spoke to him while I spoke to him, he refreshed the chalkboard by adding two more deals for Lula.

It’s still so close to him investing his money into both.

“My sister and I already put money in 1,000 Bolsonaro supporters badges, as well as 1,000 Lula badges So it’s fifty percent, isn’t it?”

The two candidates have completed their final rallies for the election.

President Bolsonaro was seen riding his motorbike on his way to Belo Horizonte in Brazil’s south and was greeted by thousands of enthusiastic supporters who were also riding motorbikes.

Belo Horizonte is a bellwether state, which usually determines who will win the state.

Sao Paulo has incredible wealth as well as soaring impoverishment.

It is a deeply divided area. It is also an ideal metaphor to describe Brazil‘s president’s election, which is tearing the country to pieces.

In the United States, voters are taking part in the second round of the presidential election. Neither his main rival, Jair Bolsonaro nor his primary rival Lula da Silva managed to secure the required 50 percent plus one vote to win earlier in the month.

The country is at the edge of a knife. It’s difficult to know which direction this is heading.

The two candidates both are populists, each in their own way.

Jair Bolsonaro has been compared to Donald Trump, and he certainly mirrors Bolsonaro’s United States buddy’s approach to gender issues, faith firearm ownership, and human rights. He also is also able to indulge in total sexiness with an unsubstantiated adherence to the facts even if it doesn’t fit his own personal goals.

As with Trump as well, he and his advisors have been casting the elections as being rigged against them.

The week before, his son Flavio Bolsonaro claimed that his father was “the person who has been the target of the biggest election fraud ever witnessed” even though they’ve provided no proof.

And, if Bolsonaro wins, the claim will likely be thrown out immediately.

He may win, but the polls show a neck and neck.

There is a fear among Lula da Silva’s followers, that they’ve lost momentum following their first election, and that the polls gave them an overinflated feeling of confidence and they are concerned that the outcome of the election could not be as they had hoped.

Lula, who was a former president, is hoping to make a stunning return to the highest rung on the political ladder.

In 2018, he was arrested on corruption charges, which were later overturned, he was the most popular politician worldwide, with approval ratings of around 80 and 90s when he was president from 2003 to the year 2011.

Many believed he would be president in the first round of voting on 1 October. The result was not what they expected, and, worse for him and his political party Bolsonaro, President Bolsonaro reduced the gap to just a couple of points.

The time is now to be played for.

The polling companies of Brazil are extremely sophisticated, yet their results are challenged by a lot.

There is a massive market in the sale of election-related merchandise; flags, towel buttons, caps, and other items for both candidates are available at street corners, outside the majority of subway stations, and in newsagents.

Saulo Adriel and his brother established a shop on Paulista Avenue, this city’s equivalent to Oxford Street, and he’s trading in a lot of presidential merchandise.

The traffic lights are positioned close to the pedestrian crossing, and Saulo has a chalkboard that he uses to keep a running count of which campaign’s merchandise is the most popular.

He informed me that after the first round that it was basically neck and neck however, today Lula seemed to be ahead. It could be because the president was planning to organize an event along the same road.

The issue is Saulo claims he’s been tallying his numbers and it seems to be not enough to make a decision.

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