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California Transhumanist Party Offers AI Governance amidst 2024 Presidential Race.

California Transhumanist Party

The 2024 Presidential debate featuring Trump and Biden prompted many Americans to seek alternatives to the leading Republican and Democratic candidates. Both have not presented a concrete plan to address such issues as inflation, accessible education, healthcare, and social welfare for minority groups. This has left many individuals feeling uncertain about their future and the decisions they face in the upcoming election. 

In response to this dissatisfaction, California Transhumanist Party has proposed a novel approach on social media: an AI Government. Inessa Lee, vice chair of CTP and originator of Equalism theory, advocates for Artificial Intelligence as a solution to economic challenges and social disparities. She believes that AI governance offers an impartial and rational alternative to traditional human-led administrations: 

“The AI government is the sanest alternative to Trump, Biden and his administration! They have no idea how to stop the inflation, but Artificial Intelligence does. We have technology to repair our broken economy, but we don’t realize that it’s time to introduce a new society model,” 

– says Inessa in the recent CTP’s Instagram post: 

Indeed, during the debate, neither Trump nor Biden discussed artificial intelligence or technology-based solutions to space exploration, scarcity and longevity. It seems like the US Transhumanist Party has the vision that we urgently need. Tom Ross, the presidential nominee from the Transhumanist Party and his vice-presidential running mate, Daniel Twedt, offer brand new approach that leverages technology and scientific advancements to tackle economic and societal issues instead of adhering to outdated ideologies: 

“A reminder of how desperately these old-guard politicians cling to relevance. Watching them spar, it’s hard not to feel frustration at a political duopoly increasingly out of touch with present and future generations…We’re tired of settling for the lesser of two evils. The Republicrats ‘ time is over. The US Transhumanist Party offers a bold vision, harnessing technology and science to overcome significant threats,” 

– claims Tom Ross. 

Ross’s campaign is about embracing digital leadership and leveraging technological advancements in various sectors through his Earthling and Artisanal Intelligence Initiatives. The Earthling Initiative aims to integrate technology into the education system and promote community collaboration through online platforms such as Etsy and YouTube. This will allow individuals to monetize their hobbies and interests. 

So, Ross envisions new economy that values individual creativity and skills as per Inessa Lee’s Equalism theory: “Advanced technology will turn human labor into a form of creative self-expression” (Inessa Lee, Chapter 66, “The Transhumanism Handbook”, Springer, 2019). On the other hand, the Artisanal Intelligence Initiative focuses on advocating for AI rights, digital defense and AI tutors, enhancing cybersecurity measures, utilizing AI in combating human trafficking, and promoting transparency in political financing. 

Additionally, job-transition programs are proposed to support individuals affected by automation-spurred job loss while prioritizing ethical considerations in AI development and deployment. The US Transhumanist Party is actively seeking Electors in Louisiana and Tennessee as well as 275 petition signatures from individuals in Tennessee to include Tom Ross and Daniel Twedt on the ballot for the 2024 Presidential election. Eight Electors in Louisiana are needed, including one person from each of Louisiana’s six Congressional Districts and two at-large electors. 

In Tennessee, electors from Congressional Districts 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9 are still needed. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in collecting petition signatures in these states. To become an Elector for Tom Ross in Tennessee or Louisiana or to assist with gathering petition signatures, follow the link:

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