Is TEFL Certification Required For A Licensed Teacher?

A TEFL certificate provides many benefits to those interested in teaching English, whether in an international position abroad or virtually.

Nonetheless, it is a myth that completing the OISE TEFL will only benefit ESL teachers.

Numerous other occupations would benefit from the knowledge gained, particularly the ability to become a better teacher and guide English-learning speakers.

Furthermore, everyone should have the opportunity to work as a teacher at some point in their lives.

If you’re a certified teacher, you might be wondering, “Do I need a TEFL if I already went to college?”

The quick answer? Yes. However, this article will explain why.

Whether you’re interested in TEFL to learn new skills, start a new career path, or even as a side hustle, these 7 professions will benefit greatly from completing this certificate.

  1. Tour Guide with a Teaching License
  2. Private Tutors
  3. Podcasters
  4. Translators
  5. Coaches
  6. Authors of Children’s Books
  7. Certified Teachers


Although licensed teachers have already attended teacher’s college, the TEFL certification offers new skill sets and insights that will positively impact your educational growth.

Qualified teachers can gain teaching experience at an international school while also expanding their cultural knowledge as a result of the places they live and teach in.

Teaching abroad is very different from teaching in a local classroom, and while travel isn’t required for TEFL, having the option to do so is life-changing.

Mentoring language learners continues to have a positive impact on the lives of many people, and if one of the reasons you became a teacher was to make such an impact, your enthusiasm for your profession will only grow from here.


As a tour guide, you must be able to communicate with a wide range of people.

Many people will be interested in learning more about the local culture and history that you are knowledgeable about.

And, while your enthusiasm for your craft may be obvious, how well do you communicate with those whose first language is not English? How much teaching experience do you have?

Although practice makes perfect, gaining the skill sets from a TEFL certification will improve your ability to show up as a tour guide even more.


A tutor frequently works outside of the classroom! They work with their students one-on-one, either in person or online.

These after-hours sessions are designed to help students excel in a particular field or subject in which they may be struggling.

You have complete control over how you create lesson plans and guide others as a freelancer.

Nonetheless, continuing to learn how to be a better teacher and tutor will always benefit your professional development in the long run.

A TEFL certificate will not only allow you to communicate more effectively with English learners, but it will also allow you to tutor English as a second language abroad.

Another significant advantage is that there are numerous TEFL certificate specializations in which you can pursue and become a tutor.

Among the options available are:

  1. Teaching Arabic speakers English
  2. Educating Korean speakers in English
  3. Educating Mandarin (Chinese) speakers in English
  4. English Instruction for Young Learners
  5. Courses in Test Preparation
  6. Online Business 
  7. English Instruction and Learning


A podcaster is someone who enjoys using their voice to share knowledge. They may be speaking from personal experience or interviewing guests for their podcast show.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as a source of entertainment and knowledge, whether they are listened to in the car, at the gym, or home.

So, how can a TEFL certification benefit you?

After completing TEFL, you will be able to teach ESL as a side hustle while growing your podcasting business. Simultaneously, it will improve your ability to communicate with a wide range of people.


A translator is someone who can take a body of text and make it understandable to people who do not speak the original language of the written piece.

The role of an ESL teacher is to guide those who do not understand English, so the overlap between the two professions is already significant.

Completing a TEFL course will give you more experience explaining information to English learners.


Coaching is another people-oriented profession that aims to improve a person’s confidence, sense of self, and so much more.

A coach can assist people in creating the life they want.

Of course, the clients who come to you will be at various stages and walks of life.

Communication skills are essential, including teaching and relating to those whose first language is not English.


Have you ever considered becoming a children’s book author who writes stories for children learning English?

Reading is an excellent way for many people to increase their vocabulary and literacy.

As a result, the OISE TEFL will assist you in better understanding how English learners learn and what works. It can have an unexpectedly positive impact on your creative writing.


Choosing the right institution to accredit you for your professional development is critical!

With its self-paced course, the world-renowned University of Toronto distinguishes itself from other traditional TEFL courses.

This certificate was designed specifically to help you qualify for more teaching jobs by providing you with all of the necessary skills to boost your confidence.

Some of the most important things you’ll remember are:

  • Lesson preparation
  • Methods of instruction
  • Principles of grammar
  • Theory of second language acquisition
  • How to Create a Student-Centered Activity Portfolio
  • Techniques for Teaching Abroad That Work

Whatever your level of experience, the course will provide solid foundations to help you feel prepared for the classroom.


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