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Is It Worth Developing A Grocery Delivery App Like Grofers and BigBasket

Is It Worth Developing A Grocery Delivery App Like Grofers and BigBasket

It is safe to say, an online on-demand grocery market is a new market that has recently emerged as well as has gained a good response. India is the 6th-largest grocery market and shows a competitive growth of 19 percent every year. Nowadays, we find many online grocery industries that try to change the consumer’s behavior and get them to practice buying grocery items online. Luckily, many have succeeded in this mission, but a few brands that don’t connect to reliable grocery delivery app development companies have failed to achieve their goal.

The 2 leading giants of the online grocery business are undoubtedly BigBasket and Grofers. Both Big baskets, as well as Grofers business models, have their uniqueness and also have different working styles that made them stand up front in the market. Let us collect more details about them.

Hat Do Grofers And BigBasket Do?

If you want to make a grocery delivery mobile app like big basket or Grofers, the foremost and most important thing you should do is to understand their core points which help them to succeed in their field.


BigBasket simply divides its complete operation into 2 ways. In the first phase, it purchases products from farm produce, and in the second phase, the organization maintains the entire stock in the respective warehouses in each city. The industry makes sure that they give high priority to delivering perishable products like meat, milk, etc.


Grofers permits their valuable consumers to shop with their neighborhood stores & will get it delivered within ninety minutes. Consumers can get all grocery products, bakery products, fruits & vegetables, meat & milk, and many more. Grofers website brings all merchants along with their inventory online. Thus

Grofers brings all offline retailers online.

Both BigBasket and Grofers follow a simple working style and we can easily follow their workflow & can get great business. To get the best app we would recommend you to connect or simply hire app developer or the best grocery app development company who has good experience in building grocery apps.

Types of Business models for grocery apps:

Inventory Model

In the inventory model, the application platform stocks up the grocery items from different suppliers & sells them to potential customers. It acts as a mediator b/w the suppliers & customers. Orders are received from the potential customer and delivered using an in-house or outsourced delivery network. In short, it is one of the simplest and most popular models.

For instance, BigBasket follows the inventory model.

Marketplace Model

In this model, the application platform does not maintain the stock. In fact, this is the platform where suppliers can simply list their products & the customers make the buying decision. The valuable customer will place the order and the particular order is transferred to the respective grocery store. The particular orders are managed through an in-house delivery system or outsourced delivery network.

For instance, Amazon follows the marketplace model.

Shopping Model

Being one of the promising business models, it is gaining popularity day by day. It is a very unique model as it provides a hyper-local on-demand delivery service. The shopping model provides a platform where the customers can select the grocery store & share their requirements with us. The delivery personnel goes to these stores & shops on the customer’s behalf & delivers on their doorstep.

For instance, Instacart follows the shopping model.

So, you can opt for the business model for your grocery application according to your business idea & requirements.

Things You Must Know Before Developing An Online Grocery Application Like BigBasket Or Grofers

7 out of 10 people give preference to online grocery shopping for their day-to-day grocery needs. So there are lots of online grocery stores such as BigBasket and grofers. Though, you can simply hire app developer who can provide you with a grocery app that matches your business needs. But to survive the market & be successful, you have to consider a few vital factors before you make a big basket like an e-commerce application or a website like grofers. Let’s get into the facts in detail.

  • Determine your target audience – for The foremost thing is to figure out your target audience and have a clear picture of your potential customers. Segment your potential customers and also monitor your competitor.
  • Identify your working region – You must know which region has a major of your target audience and you should work on promoting in those regions. Additionally, you should be capable of delivering grocery products to these regions.
  • Register your business – Once you have settled with your target audience and region of work then you have to register your business. Have a legal consultant & work on all necessary tax submissions
  • Inventory arrangements – You can either stock up on the goods or you can tie up with the local grocery stores & can maintain your inventory.
  • Fix your delivery options – Most individuals prefer home delivery, however, very few people are there who prefer to click and collect. You should have both options so that potential customers can select their comfortable option.

How To Develop A Grocery App Like BigBasket Or Grofers For Your Grocery Delivery Business?

Grocery products are needed for everyone’s day-to-day living. Individuals wanted to put an end to trolley picking & they wanted things to be delivered online or picked up in stores. This is the main reason for the constant growth of online grocery delivery app development.

Every grocery deliver business owner is inspired by the success of these online grocery applications and they want to hire app developers to get their grocery applications like big baskets or grofers. But is it very vital to have a clean & deep analysis before starting how to make an application like BigBasket?

  1. Type of grocery application – Prior to you starting, make sure which kind of grocery application you would like to have. There are so many types like grocery chain that is nothing but a solitary store with a smaller scale, the second one is the aggregator that links the adjacent supermarkets to the consumers, then next type is the marketplace that has a delivery product to deliver the goods and finally the single store, where the owner of the store will sell his brand products.
  2. Customer engagement – Have an effective as well as an innovative marketing plan to keep your potential customers engaged so that you’ll repeat customers. Since grocery products need to be bought every month you can expect the same crowd again & again but you should delight them.
  3. Streamline your logistics – All grocery product deliveries must be made on time. Your logistic team must be well trained on the delivery.
  4. Payment integration – This is where the online grocery BigBasket like application and grofers has the upper hand & they give a perfect and secure experience to their consumers. Always have a secure payment process and permit your consumers to have all kinds of payment options.

An online on-demand grocery application like BigBasket or grofers clone should have 4 segments of a layer. While developing a grocery app every grocery delivery app development team needs to work on the Customer App, Store Owner App, Admin Panel App, and Delivery App.

Ionicfirebase– Grocery App development Company

Ionicfirebase is a well-known grocery app development company, which can help you to get a grocery app like BigBasket and Grofers. Ionicfirebase is perfectly built with powerful technology as well as analytics support. The users can benefit from advanced features like route optimization, intelligent scheduling, and also real-time tracking. We will make a grocery app that will give your grocers as well as the buyers a hassle-free shopping experience.

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