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Traditional grocery stores can be influenced by grocery delivery mobile apps.

grocery delivery mobile apps

Many of the companies which were having traditional grocery stores are transforming themselves to a digital platform and this evolution is remarkable for every industry whether it is finance, education and much more.

Shopping practically for groceries is something that always appears as a headache as the shops are fully crowded and the billing counters have long queues. 

To curb all such problems there are grocery apps that are less time consuming and which helps in providing the goods of our choice at the comfort of our homes and digital payments make it more convenient.

Currently, all the grocery stores are taking their business online and the profit generated from the markets are being reaped by the ones who possess their online grocery store and undoubtedly the customers are more satisfied with online services.

If you are expecting your business to grow more rapidly and bring the desired results then clutch your business online.

The benefits of having an online grocery store are :

  • Customers will not use the app only when they need groceries but sales and discounts on the products will also keep them engaged.
  • Efficiencies of such apps like Walmart, Krogers and more are able to get their sales to the next level.
  • An app can be developed if you have a grocery store and even if you don’t have any store, an app can be a source of earning.

Types of Grocery apps

There are no peculiar guidelines on how an app for groceries is to be developed. The app owners need to know the target audience and their choices and the most important aspect while developing an app is budget.

If the budget is high, complex features can get included which makes it more attractive for the customers whereas the simple app with necessary features makes it user-friendly and the things get done without digging the pockets of the owners.

1) Supermarket specific grocery app

The already well-established supermarkets are promoting their brand names online and their sole purpose is to promote their name by their apps. 

Such apps include a variety of features and countless functionalities. Promotional tools are also included such as playbill and purchase history of the user and a lot more.

2) Grocery store delivery app

As discussed earlier, shopping is a time-consuming process so there are no doubts about how grocery delivery apps made a remarkable move in the industry and became appreciable by all the individuals.

This type of app includes: 

  • Apps which do not own any store and which brings the ordered goods at your service from local retailers and stores.
  • Apps which have their own grocery stores and to make their services more convenient they developed an app for their customers.

3) Grocery store Rebate App

These kinds of apps provide discounts to the users without providing any token, the users here get the products at a low rate as compared to that with the market.

The users here gets a cashback from the goods which got delivered and further the ways to utilise his cashback also gets provided from the list of groceries on the app.

The users need to click a picture of the bill which they received and they need to send it back on the app to get their cashback. 

4) Grocery price comparison

Such an app enables users to compare prices provided by all the apps which are related to groceries and to grab the best deal of their choice.

Such types of apps also facilitates users:

  • Adapt changes in promotional price.
  • Select units to determine the price of the products.
  • View booklets which have promotional offers on groceries.
  • Receive notifications about the best products which you purchased in the past.

5) Grocery list App

Creating a shopping list was an obstacle earlier. Nevertheless with such apps, there arises no need of writing a new list whenever you visit a grocery store.

On the contrary, such an app facilitates users to remove and add products on their shopping list and the same products can also be in the cart which can be retrieved later.

Such lists of the particular user also get shared by another user when the list needs to be updated, edited and reminding them to purchase a particular product.

Features of Grocery Shopping App

The most important question while developing an app is what features are to be included in the app. Here we will discuss which are the most vital features.

1) Authentic shopping experience

Though there are users who prefer to buy groceries online, the grocery app must be designed in a way such that it actually appeals just the way grocery stores attract new customers.

The app must allow users :

  • Add products in the shopping cart.
  • Deliver 3D design of the products.
  • Window-shop products through their categories
  • The features discussed above curbs the differences of physical shopping and window shopping.

2) Digital Coupons

Every customer will appreciate the product when they get a great deal on it. Half of the population in the United states makes the purchase of the product when they get a discount.

Such discounts assures the customers that the money spent on purchasing a product won’t get changed.

The discount on such products can be kept minimum as the main focus is to attract customers and inform them about the special deal which is provided.

3) Personalized customer experience

Favourite products and brands are preferred by everyone irrespective of their age. 

Saving their favourite products and brands from their purchase history and providing them the available option with special deals makes it more customized for them.

Such customization saves the users time and is more convenient and using AI to develop such things becomes more easy and convenient for the app owners.

4) Push notifications

To ensure customer’s loyalty to your grocery shopping app. It becomes a pivotal task of the owners to keep their users more occupied.

Push notifications provides the user with new offers, discounts and the sale available on particular brands and products.


The growth and development of such an E-grocery app might appear slow but we must believe in the efforts of making this app more accessible and attractive that it will surely bring rewards.

Some of the customers are already waiting for some grocery stores to get online so that they can make purchases from the comfort of their homes.

Developing an app for groceries is the best way to boost your business in this techno-savvy world.

Author’s Bio

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading On-Demand Grocery Delivery App company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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