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5 Important Ways the ‘Internet of Things’ Will Transform Your Everyday Life


Look around you and you’ll see a plethora of objects that are manufactured for your convenience. The shiny Buick Lacrosse parked outside your house is used for travelling around in. The soft-mattressed bed is used for resting your mind and body in. The refrigerator in the kitchen preserves your food. And these are just common household examples. Our lives are literally layered with objects. Each of which has a purpose attached to it. These are the tools we use to overcome all kinds of problems. 

Get together such common objects of convenience with the latest technological developments and you’ll come across something known as the ‘Internet of Things.’ What an extraordinary name, right? Yet, it’s precisely what you’ll hear about these days. IoT is the basis of the future. Still, in the nascent stage of development, these devices promise a toil-free, energy-efficient and productivity-enhancing life. A life in which most of the dreary tasks are taken on by intelligent machines, which convert complexities into simplicities and streamline everything for you. 

How the Internet of Things works is crucial to understanding its relevance? An IoT is equipped with computational gear to receive data from the surroundings using its machine-learning capabilities. After recording, it sends the data over a wireless connection to an online cloud platform, from where it is channelled to other IoT in the loop and to the human user’s smartphone. This data is at the center of everything, flowing from one smart device to another, helping them act automatically, as if in a network. 

This IoT network will revolutionize your daily life. Check out the following ways your life will be impacted by this continuous Internet of Things rise. 

Smart Homes: 

What sort of an experience would a truly connected smart home entail? Just imagine, you’ve come home from a rough day at the office and the motion sensors on the driveway send the information of your arrival to the rest of the devices in the house. The smart kettle automatically turns itself on. The hall lights ignite and those in the living room change their hue to create your favourite, soothing ambience. The smart couch, based on the daily bodily reading, adjusts its softness to match your usual tiredness. The thermostat, previously on cost-effective and energy-efficient mode, optimises the indoor temperature to suit your needs. The smart wardrobe irons and picks out your home-wear, pyjamas and silky robe, putting in full view. 

And the list of the smart devices interacting with one another and functioning in a smart, automated manner goes on. What’s the element connecting them all? A good and stable internet connection, which doesn’t cost you a lot. Check out with spectrum customer service for the information about an affordable and lightning fast spectrum internet package, over which the smart devices can run seamlessly. Just a thought. 

Smart Streets: 

What pisses me off more than anything is getting stuck in traffic during rush hour. The amount of chemical emissions which escape the congested cars are enough to pierce the environment. Not only that, it’s a major health hazard for the drivers, with their meters running high and their frustrations reaching the limits. The Internet of Things can cure this disease. Smart cars with auto-tuning abilities will be introduced which run on energy-efficient technology, totally safe for the environment. Smart road sensors will read the weather and the condition on the roads and send that information directly to a car’s dashboard, so the driver can adjust the speed limit and take alternate routes accordingly. Smart parking sensors will solve the problem of looking for that one perfect spot, which is almost always impossible to find. This way the streets will become a lot safer and easier to move around in. Cool, right?

Smart Health:

There is no wealth greater than health. And this is the sphere of human life where the IoT inculcation sounds super promising. How? Smart wristbands, easily wearable, will check your vital signs, creating a data report and sending it to your physician directly in case of an anomaly. Not only that, in an aggressive sports training, they will measure your agility and performance, sending diet recommendations to your smartphone based on the reading. Smart walkthrough doorways, with advanced sensors, will be able to do a full body scan and point out the deficiencies if there are any, and also the best exercises which can help in reducing them. Smart mattresses, in the same flow, will read your sleeping patterns and adjust their Nano-based fibres to suit your body. The possibilities are simply endless!

Smart Shopping:

Getting up from your comfy chair on a Sunday afternoon, making a round to the kitchen to check out what you’ve run out of, taking your car out of the driveway, pushing through aisles in the supermarket and carrying all that grocery back sounds like such a hassle, doesn’t it? Our laziness doesn’t allow it. Don’t worry. The Internet of Things will take this responsibility off your shoulders too. Smart refrigerators will check its compartments, sense whatever’s missing of the basic staples and then compile a whole grocery list for you. This grocery list will be sent online to your usual store, which will then deliver the goods right to your doorstep. Efficiency unlocked!

Smart Security: 

Thousands of houses are broken into every minute. Security lapses and loopholes allow the burglars to enter houses in broad daylight and leave them like kings. Home invasions happen more than they should, often ending in deadly, life-threatening situations. How can you avoid all this? How can you create an impenetrable layer of safety around your house? I think the Internet of Things will help you greatly in this. If a sinister entity tries to cross your yard, smart flood lights which are motion-activated will fall on the criminal, while at the same time, smart surveillance cameras will automatically do facial recognition of the culprit, sending the feed to you and alerting the authorities. Burglars beware!

So, do you see what far-reaching benefits the Internet of Things bring in our life? They’re the future, after all. A smart connected one.

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