Is Crypto Going to survive the Crash or is it Dead?

Bitcoin and Ethereum

The cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile, going through periods of massive gains and crushing losses. In 2022 we saw one of the darkest times in terms of some of the realized losses monthly. Hope still lingers though, as this industry has a history of bouncing back stronger after every downturn; often providing investors who hold on with extraordinary gains subsequently. Looking back, times, when people were quaking with fear, have turned to become moments where they could get their hands on high-quality crypto projects at an unbelievably low price point – making these sometimes-frightening moments opportunities that shouldn’t be missed out on!

The crypto market has been decelerating, triggering discussions around its prospects. But is this the beginning of a dead-end or can we expect a recovery in 2023 and beyond? This discussion will analyze why crypto still holds potential and detail different strategies to successfully navigate this volatile sector until it stabilizes. To trade more effectively, you may use a reliable trading platform like Wealth Matrix.

Reason Behind the Crypto Crash

Cryptocurrency’s decreasing trajectory is the result of several things, a lot of which are much bigger compared to the real market price. The decline in prices as well as consumer sentiment is generally a result of the poor economic situation in the world economy. The surge in inflation and stringent financial policy has led to a decrease in the buying power of people, and that has caused numerous investors to decrease their investments in high-risk assets such as crypto. As soon as momentum dwindles, high-risk investment options lose their attraction and investors look to purchase markets which are steadier and more unpredictable. A lack of trust would be yet another element which played a role in the crypto market erosion. Prices drop when trust evaporates. The arrival of crypto indicates that issues including cyberattacks, ecosystem crashes, as well product crashes can affect the wider sector in detrimental ways.

Which cryptocurrencies show the signs of survival?

Whenever the crypto market crashes and recovers, just a tiny share of accessible cryptocurrency projects make it through. Lots of old cryptocurrencies are decreasing in need and being disposed of as different and more innovative projects go into the crypto space and gain a share of the marketplace. In the crypto sector, you will find just two (largely) widely recognized blue-chip cryptos: Ethereum and Bitcoin. These coins possess the best track record and probably the best value propositions, however, it’s not assured that they are going to last long.


Ethereum is a distributed computing system that any individual can use and also operates on various devices across the globe. It enables programmers to develop as well as run decentralized applications (dApps) on this network instead of on an individual central server. This helps make the applications much less prone to be managed by one authority and much more secure.

Ethereum (ETH) is perhaps the most well-known altcoin within the cryptocurrency arena and the second biggest cryptocurrency by market value. Its prominent position in the programmable blockchain area, advancing institutional acceptance as well as deflationary economics and future upgrades places Ethereum in a distinctive spot.


Bitcoin stands alone as the undisputed gold standard of the cryptocurrency industry. It is a revolutionary financial system that cannot be influenced by politics or human desires, making it an ideal form of money for times when divisions are high. From an investment perspective, Bitcoin can best be compared to digital gold; with its value derived from being completely scarce, portable, immutable, and divisible – essentially forming a super commodity through its capacities as a savoury technology. Bitcoin is considered the most widely used cryptocurrency on the planet right now, having an extended history of winning over the marketplace as well as the biggest market value.

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