Tokeneo is the World’s 1st Community-owned Crypto Exchange: Interview with Tomasz Rozmus, the CEO of Tokeneo

Investors in the Tokeneo cryptocurrency exchange will be rewarded with 50% of the income, paid out on a daily basis. More so, the Tokeneo community owns 90% of the Ethereum-based TEO tokens, making Tokeneo the World’s 1st Community-owned Crypto Exchange. In this Interview, the CEO of Tokeneo Tomasz Rozmus will be sharing this amazing project with us and opportunities available for us.

What is your name and occupation?

I am Tomasz Rozmus, I am 37 and I come from Poland. I graduated in marketing and management at the Polish-American National-Louis University, seated in Chicago.

I have a broad knowledge in finance, investments and trading. I specialize in “tracking” big players, who are manipulating the markets on a daily basis. I am applying logical investment methods, based on price, volume and the classic Richard Wyckoff school. I am sharing my know-how through conferences worldwide. I am also writing a blog at, where for several years already I have been publishing analyses, comments and market forecasts.

I am the creator of the first Polish cryptocurrency investment fund based on the Ethereum Cryptoinvestia blockchain and the initiator and CEO of the Tokeneo project.

What is Tokeneo?

To put it simply, Tokeneo is an exchange market for cryptocurrencies and tokens, where every investor (owner of TEO tokens) has a personal share in the profit.

In the opinion of the majority of medium-scale investors, this is our key advantage, but the establishment of a trading platform is only one of the steps. The purpose is to establish an entire ecosystem for cryptocurrency services for this dynamically growing business and Tokeneo is meant to be its most important component. It will include several satellite products, complementing the services of the exchange and allowing a reaction to the needs of the market. One of them is the online exchange office allowing quick conversion of the tokens without additional identity authentication and the first polish cryptocurrency fund, making it easy for the newcomers to familiarize with the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain technology. Recently, we have also launched the – an educational hub and source of news from the world of cryptocurrencies. Such a comprehensive and broad approach to such a dynamically evolving business is not a choice but a necessity. We believe that this is the only way to provide good support and thus achieve the success of the project.

What was your inspiration to create Tokeneo and what is the problem you are trying to address?

When developing the early conceptual design of the Tokeno platform, we have identified two market trends causing our concern. What struck us most was the snippy approach to the blockchain technology-based solutions. The systems are most commonly specialized in very specific tasks, which causes atomization of the entire business. To satisfy the entire scope of their needs, investors must simultaneously rely on multiple, often incompatible solutions. This, in turn, is strongly hampering and slowing down general adoption and development of this technology. This is why, in order not to exclude any of the possible technology applications, at the very outset of its conceptual development, Tokeneo was meant to become a continuously expanding family of compatible services.

Through our solutions, we want to support adoption and grow awareness of the applications of most interesting cryptocurrencies.

The second observation, having impacted the direction and focus of our works is the complete lack of correlation between the success of the projects and the financial standing of the investors. Most of the ICO offers and existing project do not have much to offer, besides promised increases in the conversion rates of their tokens.

In general, these are ordinary “digital securities” and only part of them has any other function than carrying a value. Then the entire project is of a purely speculative character causing additional, unnecessary risk on the investor side. Tokeneo is minimising such risks since the value of TEO tokens we offer through the ICO is based on the real profits of the platform acquired in the form of transaction fees. We have created a system of transparent distribution allowing an accurate pricing of the TEO tokens and of the whole project based on the generally available adoption and turnover statistics.

Tokeneo is the world’s first exchange where users have rights to a part of the profit generated. Tell me more about the platform itself and dividend disbursement principles.

Yes, that is true. We do hope that other projects will follow our example. Tokeneo is based on the irrevocable rule of equal sharing of profits between the exchange and the investors supporting it at early stages of development. Fifty percent of the entire commissions on transactions in our system will automatically be transferred to our users’ portfolios. The profits generated by this mechanism can be cumulated in the form of all tokens available on the exchange market. In fact, having the TEO, one will be able to earn in several and even several dozen cryptocurrencies at the same time. After the transfer of shares, users will be able to dispose of the assets at will. Profits will be proportional to their involvement in the platform, expressed in the number of tokens they will handle within our exchange. To join the system, it suffices to register an account on our exchange market and make even the smallest deposit in TEO. This is really very simple. Profits generated by the Tokeneo markets will be distributed regularly, upon closure of each trading day. It is important for us to maximise the number of people generating profits from our system, this is why we shall not apply quantitative or qualitative restrictions of any kind. Every investor is welcome to Tokeneo.

Tell me more about the benefits arising from joining the system, about the token and how to take part in the ICO?

Besides the 50% profit distribution system I have mentioned before, participants of the system will also be able to use their TEO balance in the voting process. We want our investors to have a maximum influence on the shape of the Tokeneo exchange market and to engage in its development. We also do not exclude periodic airdrops of tokens acquired through partnerships or as commissions for opening of new markets within our exchange. Details of such distributions will be announced on an ongoing basis.

The TEO token will be issued in compliance with the ERC-20 on the Ethereum network blockchain. Its total supply will be fixed and amount to 100.000.000. The investors will be able to buy 80.000.000 TEO’s. The remaining 20.000.000 will be distributed to the members of the Tokeneo team (10m), partners and strategic investors (8m) and the rest will be allocated to prizes in bounty campaigns (2m).

To take part in our ICO, one should open an account in the Tokeneo portal and make a contribution payment in the form of one of the six acceptable tokens

(BTC, ETH, LSK, WAVES, XLM, NEO). After completion of the contribution payments, the TEO tokens will be sent to the Ethereum portfolio address specified by the user during registration.

How advanced are the exchange market creation works and what are the upcoming objectives you want to achieve?

At this moment, we have completed the alfa version testing, covering communication between the portfolios and particular cryptocurrency hubs. We are now implementing the beta version of the trading engine, which will allow the users to make token deposits. Simultaneously, we are working on the final version of our stock exchange – we are planning to launch it at the beginning of 2019, but we will do our best to surprise our investors and kick the system off for Christmas.

Works on our satellite services are on schedule. The exchange office has been launched this month in both Polish and English language versions and the French, Spanish and German versions are expected soon. This will make a widely accessible, international service. The ICO of theCryptoinvestion cryptocurrency fund is entering its decisive phase and will be completed at the beginning of September. In the last few months, we took advantage of a favourable market situation and intensively acquired tokens tour portfolio and occupied market positions. Everything is already buttoned up and ready to face another bull year, which we think will begin before the end of this year.

Could you share some information about the partnerships established and the strategic investors?

We are currently talking to several companies in the business and negotiating the terms of agreements. When looking for partners, we are trying to pick the ones, who can expand and complement our offer. We are also focused on ways, in which they may support our activities and speed up the realization of the goals set forth in our whitepaper. Most of the discussions in progress are at the initial, developmental stages; therefore it is difficult to talk about details. The one thing I can reveal is that we are concentrating on collaborations with projects offering future development perspectives such as crosschain protocols, issuing of e-assets or tokenization. We want to establish a safe environment for collaboration and exchange of expertise between the decentralized world of blockchain and traditional business. This is why it is important for us to cooperate with government institutions in the development of better regulations, which could be the driving power of another technological revolution, comparable to the Internet.

Who are the members of your team and what are their roles?

Tokeneo is being developed by an international team, including experienced experts in various domains – a portfolio of expertise necessary to realize our goals. The team is continuously expanding because we are looking for people to work in our newly established divisions. Besides me, the key people in the project are:

Cyryl Dudek – CSO and product manager of the exchange market, taking care of the implementation of the project

Adam Tatarynowicz – CCO/CLO responsible for communication with the government agencies and regulatory compliance of the procedures

Łukasz Janowski – CMO responsible for the marketing strategy

Nikhil Seti – marketing director and coordinator of marketing campaigns

Jakub Staroń – head of public relations

Bartłomiej Kamionka – responsible for support and social media

Paweł Bylica – CTO and our key back-end developer

Stanisław Kiciński – Front-end developer and graphic designer

Is Tokeneo safe? What are your plans to secure the interests of you investors from the technical and legal perspective?

The security of investors entrusting us with their assets in the ICO process is our priority. The dividend system has been designed in a way to minimize the currency exchange risk and control manipulations of the TEO market. The fact that as much as 90% of the tokens will remain in the hands of the investors will contribute to a reduction in risk level and increase in investment convenience for all participants of the process. We strive to maintain transparency and unrestricted exchange of clear information between investors and the platform. Our collaboration with the government agencies and selection of an adequate jurisdiction will also contribute to a reduction in risks and increased business stability. We are continuously consulting these aspects with the local governments and seeking the best solutions.

The technical part is supervised by certified digital security firms, which will be continuously monitoring the processes taking place in our servers and quickly reacting to any hacking attempts.

Do you want to add anything, something that could be of interest to our readers?

Tokeneo is different. We believe, that we can influence the crypto industry, and particularly we want to influence the structure of business models of new ICO projects. We’d like to begin to show how to treat investors differently. How to build with them long-term relationships based on clear “win-win” rules. We’re developing tools which would enable their voice to be much more meaningful. That’s it.

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