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Insights Success Recognizes Online Trading Academy for Its Leadership in Innovation

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Insights Success recently named Online Trading Academy one of the Most Innovative eLearning Solutions Providers of 2020. Another in a long line of accolades and awards, this again establishes OTA as one of the true leaders in financial markets education.

Insight Success Recognizes Online Trading Academy

Insights Success is a global publication that keeps C-level executives, vice presidents, consultants, venture capitalists, human resources professionals, and managers up to date on some of the latest advancements that businesses are making. The publication covers a wide variety of industries, offering data-driven insights into collaborative solutions and delivery methods that businesses use to increase their market strength.

In Insights Success’s online magazine, the publication recognized Online Trading Academy for its efforts to deliver high-quality financial markets educational materials. OTA was selected for The Most Innovative eLearning Solutions Provider award from a long list of companies around the world, showing that OTA is a global leader, not just a leader in the United States or North America.

Specifically, Online Trading Academy was recognized for its CliK platform. CliK is a proprietary analysis, trading, and education platform that’s exclusively available to OTA students. The platform combines OTA’s proprietary strategy and patented tools to create a space where students can learn and gain experience in the markets, putting risk management first. The platform is intentionally designed to be intuitive for the novice investor but also includes insights relevant to advanced investors.

Online Trading Academy Teaches Individual Investors

Online Trading Academy offers educational programs to individual investors who want to learn more about stocks, futures, options, and forex. The curriculum also covers different trading strategies, allowing students to focus on an overall plan that works for them. Through CliK and other programs, OTA offers a free introductory class followed by a variety of paid courses both online and at the company’s more than 40 financial education centers. 

CEO Eyal Shahar heads Online Trading Academy, and he also led the innovation of CliK and has additional plans for the company. Shahar is known for pushing cutting-edge technological innovations and educational advancements, which have helped set OTA apart. In the future, Shahar has more plans for new enhancements, features, and educational programs that will help the company educate individual investors even more effectively.

Online Trading Academy Has Received Many Awards

As noteworthy as Insights Success’s Most InnovativeeLearning Solutions Provider recognition is, this is far from the only accolade that Online Trading Academy has received. The company has previously received multiple awards for both its educational services and franchise operations.

On the educational front, OTA has been recognized with the Best Forex Educator Global Award (2020 Global Forex Retail Awards), bronze for Achievement in Product Innovation (Stevie Awards), and Student Engagement Award Finalist (Edtech Trendsetter). Regarding franchises, OTA received a Top 50 Franchise Award (Franchise Business Review) for the third year in a row. The company has also received multiple local awards for being a great place to work.

The Future of Online Trading Academy

Going forward, Online Trading Academy expects to continue providing innovative and high-quality educational programs for traders and investors. While the award season for 2020 is drawing to a close, the company’s relentless commitment to investment in innovation will likely continue its track record of receiving many awards in the coming years as well.

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