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Richest Forex Traders You Should Know

Richest Forex Traders

As we all know forex trade is completely linked to financial activities. Not only that, but it is one of the most thrilling finance activities. Here the best part is that there is no limit at all to your earnings.

After all, investing and trading sounds really fascinating. Well, it sounds fascinating to me, and it might be the same for you. This kind of thing implies both, pleasure as well as money of course. Moreover, there are many people who consider forex trading as a business activity.

So, if you are also trading for quite a time and still wondering how the wealthiest forex trader makes it to the top, then you can congratulate yourself as you landed on the right page.

If you are a new trader or experienced one, still you are expected to share one key aspiration, that it is always best to keep moving forward. Never stop what you are doing and just avoid paying much attention to your failures. Just take learnings from them and move forward.

Now, let’s take a look at the Richest Forex Traders You Should Know. Because it will help you to follow them and take learnings from them which will help you to grow.

Richest Forex Traders You Should Know

The richest forex traders are the people you should surely look up to. They are not just worth appreciating. But they are actually worth following too.

George Soros – He was born on the 12th of August 1930 in Hungary. This man here has an in-depth education in finance. Least did you know but before he even got graduated, he started trading forex.

If we talk about the numbers, as of February 2018, he had a net worth of around $8 Billion. And as of now, his net worth is somewhere around $10 billion which is quite a good number.

Bill Lipschutz – He is known to be a polynomially successful day trader. He was born in 1956 in New York City. He used to be very good in studies through his schooling. Also, his favorite subject in school used to be Maths. No wonder he takes so much calculated decisions.

If we talk about the numbers now, his net worth is somewhere around $8.3 billion. More often called the sultan of trading, Bill describes forex as a very psychological market. No wonder, he has a very fascinating approach towards trading.


This is all from our side about the Richest Forex Traders You Should Know. As you can see, these are the top Richest Forex Traders You Should Know. They are the type of person who has a way of trading.

They have the knowledge as well as the experience. Least did you know but these people also bear from huge losses sometimes. So, if you are also looking to be one of them, then following them is surely going to help you out a lot. As their experience and knowledge could also help you to grow.

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