Inside Pet Doors: A Guide to Convenient and Secure Home Access for Pets

Pet Doors

Imagine giving your furry family member cute little doors inside the house. With it, they can access various rooms without relying on you to open “human” doors. Moreover, the pet door market is expected to reach USD 5,657.7 million by 2023, with a CAGR growth of 6.6%.

Of course, traditional pet doors let your beloved canine friend venture into your backyard whenever they want to play. However, indoor pet entrances will let them roam freely and feel comfortable inside the house.

Do you want to learn more about an interior dog and cat door? This blog will discuss its benefits, things to consider, and more.

Why Invest in an Inside Pet Door?

Recently, the story of a basset hound training a puppy to use a pet door has gone viral. The video on TikTok showed the dog going through the door slowly to show the pup how it is done. However, that did not work, so the dog held the flap open for the puppy to walk through.

It proves that these doors help pets socialize, communicate, and learn. With it, you no longer need to worry about keeping doors open for your pet to walk around the house freely. Hence, the same goes for an inside pet door.

The best part is that the interior pet doors can be used by all types of pets like pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, and more. According to Hale Pet Door, these doors can be a peaceful respite for multi-pet households. You can create a hidden room for your beloved pets where they can sleep and have food.

Furthermore, you can install inside pet doors anywhere in your home. Examples include the interior wall of your closet, laundry room, bedroom, etc. These doors can be a gateway to your pet’s personal space and secret sanctuary.

What Are the Benefits of Interior Pet Doors?

On 9th June 2023, the news of a clever dog’s resourceful DIY pet door became viral on Reddit. In the heartwarming video, the dog entered the house by turning the torn screen into a doggie door. This pet definitely deserves a pet door for its ingenuity.

These doors offer the following benefits that will allow your beloved pet to have a healthy and active life.

  • Your pet will be healthier and happier as they run through the inside pet doors

  • Reduces irritability and undesirable pet behavior during cold or rainy days

  • It helps keep your hall clean of dog toys or treats

  • These doors minimize the pet’s feeling of isolation and abandonment

  • Gives your pets self-access to their own space

Furthermore, these doors increase their freedom and independence. It also reduces the risks of accidents and anxious behavior in your pets.

Did you know that an Arizona homeowner came back home to see a wild bobcat chilling on their dog’s bed? The animal came in through the dog door. However, the best thing about inside pet doors is the security feature. You need not worry about intruders walking into your home through these doors.

The Best Type of Inside Pet Door

Inside pet doors should be an inherent right for pets. The best type would be the wall model. These are interior models that can be mounted on stucco, standard, block, or masonry walls.

With it, you can provide your pets access to closed rooms like the under-stairs area. Moreover, you can use it to feed your pets in separate rooms to avoid conflict.

For interior wall installation, you need to carefully plan out the process and location. Ensure to get help from professionals. Other than this, there are temporary models available if you are living in a rented place. Furthermore, you can install them on glass doors and make them look stylish.

3 Things to Consider While Buying an Inside Pet Door

You will plan for the installation options, look through the costs, compare manufacturers, and then invest in an inside pet door. Along with these, you must consider the following:

  1. If it is the first time, then you need to train your dog to use the door properly

  2. Choose the size of the door based on your dog’s height and weight

  3. The distance from the flap’s bottom to the floor should be lower for easy access

You can also utilize a clear white flap as the door cover for better visibility. Doing so will motivate your pet to walk through the door and reach the other room.

The Bottom Line

Did you know that 66% of American houses have a pet? That makes it 86.9 million homes.

Hence, the idea of internal pet doors is slowly becoming a new normal in suburban households. These doors can instill confidence in your pets and let them explore or be free in the house.

An interior pet door gives them access to secret hideouts and lets you play “seeking” games. However, before buying or installing one, check features like size, visibility, and more. Are you ready to give your pets this fun interior door to play with?

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