Increasing Usage of Digital Pregnancy Test Kits Over Traditional Products to Propel Digital Pregnancy Test Kits Market

The global digital pregnancy test kits market is projected to grow at a significant pace during the forecast period (2017 to 2031)

Digital pregnancy test kits are medical devices used to detect early signs of pregnancy in females. A pregnancy test is an indicator test used to determine pregnancy by analyzing the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine samples. HCG is produced in a woman’s placenta when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus and is usually produced only during pregnancy. Generally, women prefer doing pregnancy tests at home using these technologies rather than seeing a doctor or a hospital that uses ultrasonography.

The capability of digital pregnancy test kits to point out the result and determine the length of time a woman has been expecting are two of the device’s primary advantages, which are expected to propel the digital pregnancy test kits market. Unlike traditional test kits, the digital pregnancy test kit shows pregnancy via an indicator on the screen and thus does not necessitate any analysis of the result. On the other hand, traditional kits display a symbol or line to show the result. The degree of visibility of the representation determines the accuracy of the result. Traditional kits have low visibility, and, sometimes, a very fine line emerges on the display of such kits. This, in turn, confuses customers by presenting a false sense of whether the outcome is negative or positive. Women who use traditional pregnancy tests may wind up attending healthcare institutions such as hospitals or clinics to learn more about their results.

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Digital pregnancy tests, on the other hand, deliver demonstrably correct findings, eliminating the need to consult a healthcare practitioner. As a result, the digital pregnancy test kits market is likely to expand. Digital pregnancy test kits predict the number of days a woman has been expecting, obviating the need for traditional procedures, including ultrasound scans, which offer information about the date of conception and the expected date of delivery. Thus, women do not need to go to hospitals or clinics to get ultrasound tests. Women are getting more interested in digital pregnancy test kits as a result of their ease and accuracy. As a result, the customer base is growing, which is likely to fuel the expansion of the digital pregnancy test kits market.

Strong Initiatives by Governments to Support Digital Pregnancy Test Kits Market Growth

Increasing investment by manufacturers in various programs to assist women’s health is projected to drive the digital pregnancy test kits market. For example, on World Mental Health Day in October 2017, Prega News, the Mankind pregnancy test kits brand, launched a digital campaign named ‘#JustTalk’ to raise awareness regarding prenatal depression in women.

The campaign collects insights focusing on women’s emotional needs throughout pregnancy, with prenatal depression being frequent and perfectly natural. Pregnant women must be cautious and take precautions since they are more vulnerable to additional hazards, which can have a negative impact on their mental health. This campaign aims to promote their brand and extend their repertoire.

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Furthermore, governments are concentrating on improving women’s health through numerous educational and healthcare programs. This, in turn, is likely to promote the expansion of the digital pregnancy test kits market. For example, the U.S. Department of Health’s Office of Women’s Health provides tips on the usage of pregnancy tests.

Booming E-Commerce Sector to Boost Digital Pregnancy Test Kits Market

The e-commerce sector is growing rapidly as a result of the ubiquity of COVID-19, which has boosted the use of retail e-commerce websites, as well as substantial advancements in internet penetration and the popularity of e-commerce shopping portals during the last decade. Aside from that, the availability of a diverse variety of products and the provision of necessary support and information via skilled customer service personnel is expected to positively impact the expansion of the digital pregnancy test kits market during the projected period.

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