Increasing Applications in Medical Industry Create Lucrative Opportunities in Commercial Robots Market

Commercial Robots Market

Robots are complex computational machines that can move on at the very least three axes and can be programmed to carry out specific tasks. Commercial robots are used for various operations such as heavy lifting, operating machinery, and carry out tasks that are considered hazardous for the human workers. They can carry out repetitive work to fast track and precisely execute various industrial functions. Technological advancements in the field of robotics along with emerging technologies that can positively increase the involvement commercial robots in various industries is projected to thrust growth in global commercial robots market in coming years.

Integration of technologies such as machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and internet of things (IoT) can boost the functionality of the products in global commercial robots market in near future. These technologies can offer various benefits for the clientele of the commercial robots and make them a lucrative asset across various industries. Increasing applications in medical and healthcare industries is expected to drive the market in coming years. Robots can be used for precisely carry out various medical tasks and functions. They can be used for various surgical procedures, can efficiently carry out a number of minimally invasive surgeries, and assist surgeons to accurately manipulate various surgical instruments and equipment.

Medical Robots Segment Dominates Global Commercial Robots Market

There are various different types of robots that are helpful in commercial applications. These robots are integrated with advanced technologies to carefully carry out the assigned tasks and ensure that they require minimal supervision. Types of robots in global commercial robots market include autonomous guided robots, field robotics, medical robots, and drones. Growing popularity of drones owing to their flexible and free movement access characteristics is expected to create opportunities for the commercial drone manufacturers in global commercial robots market in near future. Currently, the dominant segment in the market remains medical robots, increasingly being used in medical and healthcare facilities around the world, especially in the developed economies. Other segment in global commercial robots market that is anticipated to witness an increase in demand over the next few years in the autonomous commercial robots.

Products in global commercial robots market find applications in a diverse set of industry verticals including but not limited to, defense, security, forestry, marine, rescue, medical, and agriculture. Robots in the global commercial robots market can be used for environment monitoring and protection activities. These robots can function in various environmental conditions and can operate on the ground, in seas, and in the air. Rising concerns regarding national security and the need for monitoring national borders, sea routes, and air space are key drivers motivating the demand for products in global commercial robots market from the defense sector. Growing popularity of aerial drones for monitoring geographical fields and weather conditions is also expected to drive demand from agricultural industry. This trend is also expected to attract increased demand in global commercial robots market in coming years.

North America to Dominate Global Commercial Robots Market in Coming Years

Pivotal role played by North American companies in the advancement of the field of robotics provides the regional players in North America commercial robots market a huge competitive edge. The market is expected to acquire a dominant position in the global commercial robots market in coming years. Europe commercial robots market is also expected to offer the regional players lucrative opportunities in coming years.

Some of the prominent players in the global commercial robots market are iRobot Corporation,Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Honda Motor Company Ltd.,Omron Adept Technologies Inc., Accuray Inc., KUKA AG,Amazon Robotics LLC., Northrop Grumman Corporation, Alphabet Inc., and 3D Robotics Inc. Leading manufacturers and players in the global commercial robots market are majorly focusing on growth strategies such as acquisition of the smaller players to expand their consumer reach and acquire newer and advanced technologies.

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