Medical Robots as an Investment Opportunity

We are in the midst of a recession that is larger than the one that took place in 2008. We haven’t seen an economy like this in almost a century. In these volatile times, many are looking at the best way to preserve their money and investments. Even gold and oil are no longer considered as safe havens for investment. However, what if you could not only preserve your assets, but also greatly increase your total assets. We need to be looking at industries that will expand no matter what. Imagine investing in Apple when it was just starting out. It would be like turning 2 dollars a share into 500 dollars. You’d be a multi millionaire if you had the luck and foresight to invest into a company like apple when it was still a startup. I’ve found an example of a company just like that in an industry that people need to invest in. 

New robots with AI technology are needed to overhaul our healthcare systems around the world. A shining example of that is Travelmate robotics, which holds a patent for a modular robot medical assistant that is useful in an extremely wide variety of situations ( ). We are facing unique challenges in 2020 that test our medical and healthcare systems. The stresses on the global healthcare system are apparent and we must apply innovations to adapt to the reality of pandemics. 

The easiest and most immediate way to improve our hospitals and patient care outcomes is to apply existing technologies into these fields. Medical robots, like this one, are helpful to monitor a patient, lessen exposure to any viruses, provide care in a quick manner, and improve treatment outcomes. Travelmate RNA (robot nurse assistant) is brought up because they hold patents relating to all robots that are connected to smartphones and for artificial intelligence related to movement. 

They are an example of a company that can revolutionize an industry. Thomas Edison popularized the lamp, Apple made smartphones ubiquitous and Tesla has made electric cars viable in our current market. 2020 is a unique year where everything is happening at lightning speed. We’ve never seen such volatility and economic upheaval in our lifetimes. Now, you have to recognize what industries will come out on top and where new markets will emerge. We don’t know when the economy will recover and with countries putting trillions of dollars into things like the stock market, we don’t even know what the value of our money will be. There will likely be inflation in many parts of the world and the way to be prepared is to invest in the right companies so that you don’t lose your money. 

With their robotic medical assistants, Travelmate has a modular robot design which can accommodate diagnostic and medical equipment. They can be used in hospitals, at home and even in outdoor environments. This means that the patient is always getting some type of care and in our current situation, it helps to lessen the risks of exposure to the virus. However, what makes it really unique is in the data that it collects.  It will look at the treatment that has been rendered for numerous patients and extrapolate what worked and what didn’t. You can have statistically relevant empirical data that will improve the outcomes for you as a patient. A patented program integrating artificial intelligence sorts through this data and categorizes it in a way so as to be helpful for researchers and doctors. 

Robotics and artificial intelligence is already widely used, despite being in its infancy. Everything from voice assistants, search engines, manufacturing, and smartphones use these technologies. Imagine then, how prevalent they will be in the next ten years. We cannot ignore their development and must utilize the development of this technology to benefit us as much as possible. 

What then, is important to look for in robotics? You should look for practical and modular designs. You should also look for companies that have detailed patents for their products and who have developed them commercially. This is why Travelmate Robotics is a perfect example of the type of company that is needed. Individuals, companies and countries who already understand how fundamentally important robotics as well as AI will become, will benefit the most in the end. These industries will change our world even more than the internet already has. 

The truth for small investors is it’s almost impossible to invest in promising tech and robotics companies. This is especially true for international investors. Investing in the stock markets means putting your money into public companies, which rarely leads to a high return, and publicly traded companies usually aren’t prioritizing innovation. Most companies are private and unless you’re a big investor, it’s almost impossible to put your funds into these companies. However, there are exceptions and it’s another reason why I’ve made Travelmate Robotics the main example of this article. You can invest in Travelmate Robotics by going to their fundable page here:

This is made possible by a relatively recent liberalization in equity crowdfunding options. Investing on this level is the perfect long term opportunity for investors big and small. 

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