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In Honor of Veterans and Their Contributions to Corporate America

Meeghan Francisco, Lead Analyst - Global Operations, DailyPay

Meeghan Francisco, Lead Analyst – Global Operations, DailyPay

By Meeghan Francisco, Lead Analyst – Global Operations at DailyPay

Veterans Day, a day to observe all the men and women who have served in the military, falls on November 11th, commemorating the end of World War I on the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” in 1918.

In addition to my service in the Minnesota Army National Guard with a deployment to Iraq, my family has a strong military tradition. My grandfather served in the Air Force during the Korean War, my younger cousin received a Purple Heart during his deployment in Afghanistan with the US Army, and my oldest cousin is currently serving in the Minnesota Army National Guard, having completed multiple deployments. There is a lot of pride within my family for all of us who have served. We all joined for our own reasons, but the sacrifice it takes for not only us, but our family, to sign on the dotted line to possibly give up our lives in the pursuit of American ideals is not a decision any of us take lightly.

One of the most difficult transitions for military members often comes when they leave active duty, whether it is returning home after serving overseas in a warzone or retiring from the military altogether. Various factors, including but not limited to mental illnesses, physical impairments, and difficulty obtaining steady employment or housing, have contributed to approximately one-third of the adult homeless population in the United States being military veterans.

However, multiple studies have shown that military members offer unique skill sets that can greatly benefit Corporate America. Military training emphasizes timeliness, time management skills, situational awareness, preparedness, teamwork, and other essential work ethic skill sets. Additionally, many service members have specialized training in areas such as nursing, mechanics, engineering, aviation, and more. Not to mention that most Army National Guard members also have a civilian job throughout their military career that they have to balance. Luckily, I am proud that DailyPay recognizes the value that military members can bring to our company and will be partnering with Hiring Our Heroes in the future to prioritize the addition of military talent to our teams.

If you have ever tried to thank a military member for their service, chances are you were most likely told that it was no big deal or given an awkward “thanks” as a response. While we acknowledge the significance of our military service, many of us joined to gain personal benefits. Yes, most of us didn’t come out of the service without mental or physical wounds, but we received what we wanted and more from our time in service. We have lifelong friends, unique experiences, a new valued perspective on life, pride in our efforts, and more. I personally owe a lot of my success in life to my decision to join the military, and I am sure many of my fellow brothers and sisters in arms would agree.

The best way for you to celebrate Veterans Day is to not simply thank a military member but to reflect on the freedoms you can exercise as a result of their service. Consider taking a more active approach in assisting and ensuring that Veterans get the basic support they need upon their return home, and vocalize the benefit of having military members as a part of your workforce.

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