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In an industry first, RealT enables investors around the globe to earn passive income from tokenized real estate

Florida, February, 2020 – RealT (RealToken Inc.), the web-based platform for tokenizing property ownership in the United States, enables investors around the world to earn dividends from real estate on a fractional basis for the first time. With the help of a fully functional and compliant platform that is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, investors from all over the world can confidently buy into the United States real estate market. 

RealToken Inc. otherwise referred to as RealT is one of the very few web-based platforms that has been designed to enable investors from around the world to earn passive income from investing in the United States real estate market. This platform runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and has been integrated with the Uniswap Exchange which is capable of offering exchange services to investors in over 40 countries. The end of the year 2019 was a glorious one for RealT as it opened its doors to a large number of accredited US investors. 

Until the development and launch of the RealT web-based platform, investing in real estate from any part of the world was a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. This is simply because of the barrier to entry that the market has had to deal with over the years. Also, prior to this time, investors seeking to buy real estate for passive income will be required to buy the full property. 

  1. With the help of tokenization and the RealT platform, real estate can be divided into separate fractions that investors can actually afford. 
  2. In addition to dividing real estate into smaller fractions, tokenization also helps to cut through the very lengthy process and paperwork required for owning a property and it streamlines the investment process, thereby offering liquidity. 

This Blockchain-powered platform RealT affords investors the necessary legal right and protection that is synonymous with the traditional real estate market. 

How The RealToken Platform Works 

On the RealT platform, ownership of all the real estate properties listed is simply distributed  a number of tokens that are specific to each of the properties listed. Owners of these properties are made to collect rent based on the number of tokens they own as well as the vote on property decisions. 

To enable investors to get a return of investment immediately they invest through this platform, it has been designed to distribute monthly rents into daily payments. Each property listed on the RealT platform is managed by a reputable property management company. This company will be responsible for sourcing tenants, collecting rents from tenants, and also caring for the properties. With this company already taking care of all the work, investors will just have to sit back and earn passive income. 

Tenants living on the RealT listed properties are made to pay their rents in US Dollars and it is converted to DAI (the RealT platform’s native coin) and sent to the wallets of investors. 

While speaking to newsmen, CEO Of RealT Remy Jacobson revealed that RealT is creating an opportunity for everyone to become a landlord in the future. 

“Tokenization creates a reality in which everyone becomes the landlord of the future,” says Remy Jacobson, CEO & Co-Founder of RealT. “With RealT, investors of all kinds can take part in the real estate market on a fully compliant platform that offers all the advantages of the traditional real estate market.”

About RealT

Founded by Jean-Marc and Remy Jacobson, RealToken Inc. is a Florida-based company that tokenizes the real estate market. It allows investors from all over the world to invest and earn profits from the United States real estate market. 

  • Remy Jacobson, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Jean-Marc Jacobson, CEO & Co-Founder
  • David Hoffman, COO
  • Gary Krat, Partner

Investors around the world can now buy into the U.S. real estate market through fractional, tokenized ownership on a fully compliant platform powered by Ethereum blockchain. 

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