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Importance Of Call Center Customer service in 2021

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What opportunities can we expect from 2020, an extraordinary year that saw a massive shift to remote work, crises in various industries and rapid development in other industries? Using new technologies, many companies have made major structural changes. 

They organized customer service and sales call centers for the business, not only to cope with the challenges caused by the well-known outbreak but also to give customers a consistent level of service.

The process-based transformation of the organization, and not only the application of the tool, gives us the possibility of growth, even in a situation of crisis, which we expect to continue for some time into 2021.

1 Call centers help to provide stellar customer service

Customer service is more important than ever with respect to the COVID-19 crisis, consumers require personalized service and personal attention from medical providers and financial institutions. 

They should not only be directed to the right service provider but should receive a rapid reply to their problems. Employees must have all information regarding customer interactions at their fingertips and understand immediately who they are dealing with and why. 

With insufficient communication channels between all parties, the expectation of customers increases. We have all dealt with this situation – a deafening silence from the service provider, where there was no progress or understanding of the case with regard to the queue. Often this is sufficient to “convince” a customer to switch to a competitor.

Call center systems are here to help you, since they are user-friendly while offering plenty of data and features. Therefore, a good sales calls report template facilitate the delivery of precise, prompt, and accurate customer support. 

2 Cloud call center is the present, not the future

We can observe that COVID-19 outbreaks and restrictions on businesses moving work from the office to home have caused a significant increase in reliance on cloud solutions. 

In order to continue their normal and efficient operations, many organizations have made the transition by transferring their consultants’ activities to the cloud call center.

Due to the crisis, stationary solutions proved to be ineffective, but the implementation of a cloud-based call center solution has demonstrated that it is possible to remain operational from anywhere and to accomplish organizational goals.

CloudTalk is one of the cloud call center solutions that has been widely implemented — and one of the case studies that illustrates this is the one involving Glovo and CloudTalk collaboration. Glovo was searching for a solution to provide superior call quality, advanced calling features along with convenience.

In just 3 months, Glovo’s team of staff members has made over 200,000 outbound and inbound client calls. CloudTalk has enabled Glovo to externalize the majority of outbound calls without the need for them to obtain additional tools, while ensuring Glovo’s internal systems are not accessible directly by external agents.

3 Call centers involve both sides of the barricade

A call center’s tasks extend beyond merely interacting with clients; in addition to that, it must motivate and organize the employees. Seasoned call center managers understand that the best customer service starts with their employees. 

Therefore, setting the right KPIs for call center employees is crucial to providing the necessary support. It is difficult or impossible when employees work remotely and receive calls from customers from their mobile phones.

Business owners are asking themselves today how they can track the quality and response time of client service calls as well as how to account for employee’s daily activities when they work from various locations. Employees today need excellent internal training (here, materials with recordings of conversations should be provided). 

Furthermore, they need specific scripts for specific types of conversations (complaints, shipment information, up-selling of additional products or services). They may use the experience of an experienced employee while conversing with a difficult customer, but it still remains unappreciated. 

Make it easier for our employees to do their work, and they are more likely to craft a positive customer experience. Call center management software can assist in this regard. 

4 Technology and workflow

Providing greater customer satisfaction requires us to truly understand what is important to them. This is only possible when we observe and examine their behavior, and follow their path.

Therefore, in order for this to be successful, consultants will need technology that provides context and insight into the full customer journey, as well as information that allows managers to make strategic decisions about service quality and speed.

Message response times and average handling times are key performance indicators (KPIs) that will provide better metric data. Understanding these needs will help companies plan and manage change more accurately. For smaller volumes, companies should employ individuals according to their business hours and target response times.

The phone reporting function is an obvious but not widely used feature in the business. Reports offer valuable data, the analysis of which forms the basis for conclusions that often determine the future of the company. 

The systems should be used not only for training and analysis, but rather also to motivate employees to conduct their activities more effectively. It may be worthwhile to integrate the call center system with other company tools or systems used on a daily basis to shorten the paths of operation.

This connection allows us to monitor the client’s relationship with us and give us an insight into the client’s needs and problems when we need to react quickly when necessary.

Summing up

With the assistance of a call center, these factors are the basis for developing the business. Nevertheless, we must emphasize that the implementation of new technology alone is just the beginning. What is most important is the organization of internal processes and employee support — only these three factors, when combined, provide the foundational support for development and financial success.

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