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Immediate Momentum Review 2023: What You Should Know


Our Immediate Momentum Review: 4.8/5

Are you on the lookout for a legitimate trading platform or tool to help you become a better crypto trader? Unlock the potential of Immediate Momentum in the world of crypto! Dive into our review to discover its perks and features. Start your crypto journey today by reading our verdict and find out for yourself if this new platform can boost your trades.

What Is the Immediate Momentum Website?

You might think what we’re talking about here is a trading platform. Well, surprise, surprise – it’s not! It’s a much more interesting website than meets the eye. We were generally expecting to come across yet another “revolutionary” trading platform, but it turns out we were wrong. Immediate Momentum, to put it simply, is a broker-matching platform designed to bridge the gap between traders and the crypto space. What does that mean exactly?

The website claims it is powered by sophisticated AI, which helps create successful pairings between investors and brokers. According to it, as soon as you fill in the required information in the sign-up tab, the app will find you a broker match in your area. 

So, what can a broker do to help? Pretty much anything it seems, from answering your questions on crypto topics to providing customer support and trading tools. You will gain access to a variation of instruments for automated trading, demo trading, as well as market data and analysis. You’ll be able to buy and sell crypto right from your broker and work together towards building trading strategies for your crypto portfolio.

We were honestly quite happy to find this platform stands out from the rest and offers a little more than the dull and boring trading platforms that have sprouted in every corner of the internet. But how exactly does Immediate Momentum work, and will it resonate with you? Keep reading our Immediate Momentum review to find out!

Who Is Immediate Momentum For?

First things first. The big question here is, who is this website for? Well, Immediate Momentum makes it very clear that they tailor to crypto traders of all levels, but newbies will likely feel most comfortable on their site. Anyone interested in making money from cryptocurrency is welcome to join the platform. Moreover, Immediate Momentum claims their broker partners can help with:

  • Learning the ins and outs of trading and practising strategies.
  • Spotting profitable trading opportunities.
  • Investment advice and general support.
  • Saving investors’ time.

All in all, if you could use some help in any of the above ways, then chances are you’ll enjoy Immediate Momentum. Of course, our past experiences with platforms prove that no website is perfect, and each comes with a set of pros and cons. But do the perks outweigh the drawbacks? We shall find out.

Pros and Cons

Let’s face it – there’s no such thing as an ideal site. We are all different people with different needs and tastes, so what might seem like heaven for one can be hell for another. We are firm believers that a list of perks and drawbacks can help anyone make up their mind. So here’s one we made:


  • Free To Register
  • Innovative Concept
  • Reactive Customer Support
  • Beginner-Friendly Trading Tools
  • Access to a Demo Trading Account
  • Great Asset Variety


  • Lacks a Stand-Alone Mobile App
  • Requires a Minimum Deposit

If you believe this platform will be useful for you, then you’re probably wondering what it takes to join. Here’s what we discovered when we tried the site for ourselves.

Immediate Momentum in Action: Our Experience


To give you a complete and unbiased Immediate Momentum review, we wanted to share our experience of joining the platform. If you want to follow our steps and complete the process yourself, feel free to tag along.

Step 1 – Join the Site

Registering is ultra simple. All you need to do is head over to the official website and fill out the sign-up form with your personal information. You also need to add a phone number (and make sure you have it near you for the next step). Once all the information is filled, you can click “Register.”

Step 2 – Verification

As soon as you submit your information, the lightning-fast algorithm creates a broker match for you. Your broker will then confirm your details by ringing you on the phone. Our broker explained that this step is necessary to certify that no bots try to enter the site and they ensure their customers are legitimate. It was great news to see that they take some extra verification steps in a sector filled with scammers!

Step 3 – Add Funds

Now that your verification is complete, you officially have your own account, and you can enjoy a secure trading environment. If you are happy with your broker match, you can continue to utilise their services by adding some trading funds. To do this, you will need to submit the minimum deposit, which is $250. This is pretty cheap in comparison to other platforms of this kind, which often ask for at least $1,000 upon sign-up.

We asked if we needed to pay any fees, and our broker assured us that aside from the minimum deposit, we wouldn’t need to pay anything extra. Additionally, we can use our deposit in full to make trades. Of course, we were a bit sceptical – how does the platform make money? Our broker said the platform receives a small commission from each broker partner for the service.

Step 4 – Start Trading

With all of this out of the way, it was time to start trading. We started out with a demo account, and we also had access to some market analysis reports. Together with our broker, we came up with a short-term strategy for day trading and managed to execute it successfully.

There were plenty of popular assets to choose from, including coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum Cardano, Tether, and more. If you decide to join, know that you can diversify your portfolio with other assets, like commodities or FX pairs, and you don’t just have to stick to crypto.

Our Verdict: Immediate Momentum Is a Must-Try


To finish our Immediate Momentum review, we want to give our readers the final verdict. We absolutely loved our experience. The only thing that surprised us was the lack of a mobile app. However, once we realised the website is pretty much a gateway to fully-featured brokers, we understood why they didn’t go through the trouble to create one. After all, once you have a successful match with a broker, you continue working with them exclusively.

We were also very happy to see that this site is transparent about how much they charge, and there are no hidden fees that you should worry about. Moreover, you can experience round-the-clock customer support, as there is always a broker available to help you. Overall, we can’t give this website a full five stars, but they come pretty close, with 4.8/5. We urge you to give them a try!

Frequently Asked Questions About Immediate Momentum

Now that our review is complete, we want to answer a few popular questions about the platform.

How Much Is the Immediate Momentum Minimum Deposit?

You’ll need to pay $250 or the equivalent in your country of residence to start trading using Immediate Momentum’s broker partners. There are no surprise fees to worry about.

Is Immediate Momentum a Scam or Legit?

If you are worried that you will waste your time with a scammy platform, relax. The website is completely legitimate, has clear Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and a polite and competent broker we matched with. 

Are There Advanced Trading Tools for Experienced Traders?

Yes, there is plenty to try here, including automated trading, copy trading, and market analysis tools that can help you read real-time market data and execute advanced trades.

Is Immediate Momentum Trading Profitable?

That depends entirely on your skills and trading strategy. We recommend that you test your ideas and tactics in demo mode first to avoid experimenting with your hard-earned money. Once you see a good outcome, you can implement that strategy using real funds and potentially make a profit!

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