HVN Sleep Pod Review 2022: (MUST READ!) US, CA, UK HVNSleep Pod Customer Reviews!

This Hvn Sleep pod review brings you our unbiased opinion about the Hvn sleep pod for sleep apnea. We covered everything you would want to know about this snore stopper, its features, technical specifications, benefits, comparison with other competing CPAP devices, where to buy it, and the manufacturing company’s profile information. The HVNSleep Pod is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 in overall thousands of reviews by consumers from the United state (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), and many other tiers 1 countries just after few weeks of launch.

Do you snore when you sleep? Is snoring a problem in your life, and are you looking for a solution to help you stop snoring on the go? Then you’d be excited to have stumbled on the HVNsleep Pod – this device is a snore killer with thousands of positive customers. Keep reading as we bring a lasting solution for sleep apnea with details on how to make use of this device for good health and safety.

HVN Sleep Pod Overview

(Hvn Sleep Pod reviews)

Before we start going deeper into this HVN Sleep Pod review, let us give you a brief overview of the product and the critical information that made it unique with very high market demand.

Everything you should know about the HVN Sleep Pod review in one place.

  • Product Name: HVN Sleep Pod.
  • Category: CPAP, Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), anti-snoring device.
  • Manufactured By: Quality Performance Limited
  • Manufactured in: Clifton, New Jersey, United States of America (USA)
  • HVN Sleep Pod Price: $119.99
  • Key Features: Mobile App Data sleep Analysis, Magnetic charging base, Tens Technology, Ergonomic design, Magnetic Electrode Patch, Bluetooth transmission.
  • Brand name: HVN Sleep Pod
  • Weight (in grams): 10g
  • Dimensions (in mm):5mm * 40.5mm * 13mm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Mobile Compatibility: Android 4.3 or above, iOS 7.0 or above
  • Overall Battery Capacity: 3.7V/80mAh
  • Run time: 15 hours for a full charge
  • Pulse frequency: 10Hz-1500Hz
  • Major Benefit: It has been tested and confirmed to be 99% effective in stopping snoring with no side.
  • What’s in the Package: USB Charging cable, charging dock, user manual, wearing guide, and ten electrode pads.
  • Is the HVN Sleep Pod Scam: No, sold in thousands of pieces already without negative feedback.
  • Buyers’ Protection: Yes, 30 days of buyers’ protection are covered.
  • Money-back guarantee: 100% money-back guarantee
  • Where to buy HVNSleep Pod: Only available at the official store here

The above information summarizes everything we will discuss in this HVN Sleep pod review. If you love a long read, keep along with us; otherwise, you rush straight to the official company’s website to confirm the product’s availability and secure your 50% discount on the go. See the link to the official website below. (DO NOT MISS ON THE PROMO)


What Is HVN Sleep Pod?

(HVN Sleep Pod Review)

HVN Sleep Pod is an anti-snoring CPAP device with snoring stopping ability and an intelligent electronic muscle stimulator designed to emit gentle pulses on the user projected to trigger and massage the throat muscles to prevent snoring. It has been tested and proven to be 100% effective in treating sleep apnea. Irrespective of the nature of your snoring habit, with HVNSleep pod, be rest assured of a good night’s sleep void of snoring.

The HVNsleep Pod is an AI-Powered CPAP device that offers the most natural and user-friendly solution to all snoring issues. The device is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that get the job done on the go.

Snoring has several negative consequences, from making you feel unhealthy and sick to painting you black in the sight of your partner. It could lead to divorce, unwarranted hatred, self-pity, loss of self-esteem, and more detrimental side effects. No one wants to associate with a hardened snorer who would deny their night’s sleep, and not even a snorer enjoys the memory.

However, you are never alone, as statistics from the sleep foundation show that more than 90 million Americans snore on average. Although the United state tends to be the country with the highest numbers of citizens suffering from snoring and snoring-related health issue, the citizens of the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), Singapore, Russia are not guilt-free. Everyone carries their burden and seeks a workable solution.

So instead of blaming yourself or trying to hurt your self-esteem, put more effects into finding a lasting solution by using HVN Sleep pod to control your snoring habit. You will be surprised at how easy you can end snoring and start enjoying your sleep even without the device after some months of active use.

How We Tested the HVN Sleep Pod

(HVN Sleep Pod Review)

It was Valentine, and I received a parcel that reads “sent with love from Chris, your bosom friend.” When I opened it, it was a box Packed with HVN Sleep Pod and its accessories. I was still confused until I read the user manual guide attached to the device; then, I remembered how Chris would always complain of my intense snoring habit all night, which constantly denied him a good night’s sleep. He complains that I make him sleep at work because he can’t sleep at night due to my snoring.

I never knew I snore as I sleep unless Chris taps me on the bed to complain. I felt embarrassed at each tap, and most times, I lost my sleep entirely too. I discovered that I always wake up in the morning feeling very dizzy and tired, like one who is getting an army of soldiers prepared for the third world war.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with the relationship with Chris as I felt guilty every day seeing him nag about my snoring habit. Chris pleaded that I stay back, but what would you have me do? I left!

I kept getting tones of messages from Chris, apologizing for everything and promising to be a better man. He was already planning for an engagement with me before I caught off the tiles. He couldn’t stay without me, but I couldn’t help it either. I was ready to fix my life, so all I needed was to get on with positivity.

While Chris sees himself as the devil that caused our breakup, I only see a perpetual habit of mine as the devil, and I was ready to do whatever it takes to make sure I put an end to my snoring habit. So that I wouldn’t suffer the pain I inflicted myself upon dating Chris in any new relationship. I loved him, missed him, but was never ready to go back to him unless I stopped snoring.

So, a year has gone without a man in my life, all my trials to end snoring never worked until this day (14th February 2022) that I got the best gift I never thought of all through my search for the best way to stop snoring.

After a few minutes that the delivery guy left, I got a text from Chris: “baby, today is a nice day and the best day to rewrite my wrongs. I realized I caused you so much pain with my nagging, and here I am, willing to make amends. With the HVN Sleep pod device in your hands right now, we both can sleep comfortably on the same bed, having our best time with sleep without any sense of snoring from you. It is a win-win for us as I can’t wait to have you back in my life as lovers. I would like you to use the HVN Sleep pod following all the instructions on the manual for 3weeks; I will always call you to get daily reports. I love you so much, Jenny, and I am sure you miss me as much as I do.”

It is just 2days of using HVNSleep Pod, and I am already feeling different. My sleep pattern changed; I woke strong and felt energized throughout my workday. Is this all I have missed all through my teenage? I pondered in my heart. I believe you understand that unusual feeling of rejuvenation – that was just me in 2days. Well, I doubted my results and decided to visit a female friend to whom I entrusted my one night’s sleep unto. I pleaded with her to watch me through the night and tell me how awful I snore when I wake up in the morning.

My friend never observed that I had a snore stopper (HVN Sleep Pod) with me because I wanted her results to be unbiased. But to my surprise, she went even crazier to turn on the phone record while we both slept. She knew I snore very badly, and she was ready to make jerks of me – hence the reason she needed to play me a record in the morning while she would be laughing at me.

OOPS!!! It’s morning, and I asked Sonia, my friend, to give me her results. She was perplexed, as she never believed I could stay through all night without giving out an awkward sound. She then confessed about the records and her intentions; she played the record, and I confirmed that the result shown on my HVN Sleep pod app “sleeplus” was as accurate as Sonia’s observation. I couldn’t be more happier than I was on that day.

This was how I used the HVN Sleep Pod to get back my lost confidence, self-esteem, and the love of my life, Chris. My life felt fulfilled already, but I had to extend this gift from Chris to my grandpa and 2 of my female friends, who snored even worse than I used to. So I asked Chris how I could get more of the HVN Sleep pod, and he shared this link with me. I ordered three pieces and got them delivered to Texas within 5days. I then repackaged the parcel in 3’s, pening my story on a paper attached to the parcel. I got it delivered and waited for their testimonies too.

My grandpa said the hvnsleep Pod helped him control his snore habit, but at the same time, it makes him wake more often than usual as he feels some mild shock. This never happened to me. But maybe, he’s getting old, which is why he gets more intense sensations and triggers than I do. With time, my grandpa got used to how the device operates and can now sleep without feeling a shock or whatever. He sleeps and wakes happily.

My other friends thanked me for the gift and never reported any mild shock or interruption during sleep. The Hvnsleep worked for them just as precisely as it did on me.

After Chris and I were done with these confirmations, he then made me understand that he had put on the task to himself to help save people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea because of the pain he thought he caused me. He dug his research and stumbled on this press release by healthweakness, which changed the narration for me, my friends, and grandpa today.

Hiding my face for personal reasons and getting married to the love of my life this easter. I decided to honor this interview and share my story. It may save you the cost, stress, and bad feelings snoring may have brought to your life. Give it a shot!


Key Features of HVN Sleep Pod for sleep apnea

(HVNSleep Pod Review)

The Hvn Sleep pod for sleep apnea is a high-end AI anti-snore device with unique features. We shall discuss each of its features so you can easily understand how wonderful the tech behind the device is.

  • Adopts TENS Technology: TENS is an acronym for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is a technology employed by the manufacturers of HVN Sleep pod to trigger a very mild shock on your body upon detecting snoring while you sleep. The trigger is very mild to the point that you won’t even notice that you got tapped while taking control of your sleep. This technology is best as it replaces the human effort of tapping you in a midnight sleep to stop snoring – most times, human taps wake you up completely, which might take away sleep from your eyes.With the Hvn sleep pod, you are taking the lead and being your own boss on your bed. At the Southern University of Science and Technology, HVN Sleep pod was also evaluated and tested by over 60 snorers. It has been demonstrated that by stimulating the respiratory muscles with TENS technology, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of snores and even wholly eliminate snoring, allowing you to sleep peacefully!
  • Discreet Ergonomic Design: The Hvn sleep pod is ergonomically designed for easy use. Not just that it would help put an end to your intense snoring habit, the ergo design will also make it look beautiful and well fitted to use. Your overall comfort should not be negotiated at all costs; therefore, you should consider HVN Sleep pod as your go-for device to help you solve your snoring problem and even that of your friends without fear of any side effects or inconvenience.
  • Advanced Sound Recognition: The HVN Sleep Pod has a sophisticated and intelligent sound recognition technology that allows it to detect snoring sounds just as you are about to push out those awkward sounds and immediately dampen the sound. At the same time, you maintain a sweet sleep flow and admirable sleep pattern.Through this featured technology, HVN Sleep pod was able to replace your human efforts by preventing snoring sounds from coming out ultimately. So there would be no distraction to you or your partner. Your partner doesn’t hear any sound that would force them to tap you or suddenly interrupt your sleep. You are free to call the HVNSleep, your AI Sleeping partner, or your safeguard – whichever you choose, the Hvn sleep review undertakes the purpose 100 percent.
  • Top-notch Portability and Sleek: You don’t need to worry about the size and weight of HVN Sleep Pod. It comes with a very portable shaped design with a lighter weight of 10g. It is sleek to carry about on any trip. Whether you want to visit a friend or travel interstate or intercountry for a business trip, summer trip, or just for tourism, the HVN Sleep pod device is effortlessly ready to go with you. You wouldn’t want to mess yourself up during a get-together with old folks or any group event that might warrant you sharing an apartment with a friend or colleague. Get yourself the HVNSleep Pod as your personal AI snore controller to save the show.
  • Free Downloadable Mobile APP: The HVN Sleep pod manufacturers knew the importance of you having full control over the data the device correlates while you are sleeping; they built a free mobile app. The mobile app is called “Sleeplus,” and it is available for download on the Apple store for iOS users and Playstore for androids.This app gathers all your sleeping patterns and data correlated during this time. It allows you to analyze your results and also compare previous days, and know how much you are doing with respect to putting an end to snoring completely.I wonder how you may feel without having these data to justify the work of the excellent snore stopper. I guess you should feel sad if it was the case, but no, there is no feeling bad as the manufacturers have solved your demand even before you think it.
    Here is a link to download the sleeplus mobile app.
  • Fast Charging Ability: This mighty device is built to quick charge. You only need spare 2hours or less of your electricity to fully charge the hvn sleep pod, and a single charge can last for days of use. This is a fantastic feature as it saves you some stress of constantly plugging in and out of the socket. And also helps you when you travel on a trip where electricity is scarce – you can always have your snoring aid device functioning all night without fear of a breakdown in the middle of your sleep.
  • Magnetic charging base: With the magnetic charging base, you can easily plug the hvn sleep pod through a USB for faster charging. This feature allows you to charge the device anywhere and anytime.
  • Magnetic Electrode Patch: The device is also made with a solid Magnetic electrode patch material. This patch is made of medical material that guarantees your comfort, featuring high adhesive and hypo-allergenic properties. The patch is comfortable to wear, medically marked secure to use, and never falls off easily.
  • Allows Bluetooth transmission: With this feature, HVN Sleep pod allows you to pair it with your mobile phone through the sleeplus app. When you pair this device, you can easily synchronize analyzed data on the go for your easy read. It doesn’t take a minute to connect the HVNSleep Pod to the mobile app through the Bluetooth functionality on your phone.


Technical Specifications of HVN Sleep Pod

(HVN Sleep Pod review)

  • Brand name: HVN Sleep Pod
  • Weight (in grams): 10g
  • Dimensions (in mm):5mm * 40.5mm * 13mm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Mobile Compatibility: Android 4.3 or above, iOS 7.0 or above
  • Overall Battery Capacity: 3.7V/80mAh
  • Run time: 15 hours for a full charge
  • Pulse frequency: 10Hz-1500Hz

Hvn Sleep Pod Price

The price for 1 HVN Sleep Pod is $119.99. You can get more than 1 piece for an extra discount. Here is a full breakdown of the HVN Sleep Pod cost prices as shown on the official company’s store:

  • 1X HVN Sleep Pod sold for $119.99
  • 2X HVN Sleep Pod sold for $239.98
  • 3X HVN Sleep Pod sold for $269.98
  • 4X HVN Sleep Pod sold for $329.97

Please these prices are only available as of the day of making this publication. They may be subjected to change by the company, and as such, we highly recommend that you confirm the actual price for the day on the company’s official website.


How do you use HVN sleep pod?

In this segment of our hvn sleep pod review, we want to bring you how you can set up and use HVN sleep pod in 5 easy steps. Hvn sleep pod reviews.

Step 1: Unpack your device after you have received your order. Ensure the device comes with all required accessories – A USB Charging cable, charging dock, user manual, wearing guide, and 10 electrode pads.

Step 2: Locate your charging socket and plug in the Magnetic charging base using a USB. Charge the HVN Sleep Pod to full.

Step 3: Proceed to your app store to download the “Sleeplus” mobile app. After downloading, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and follow the provided instruction on the device to pair the app for easy data synchronization.

Step 4: After pairing the device, you should place the Magnetic Electrode Patch with the adhesive strip on your throat, just a little bit below your chin. Hold it down for 30 seconds or more to ensure that contact is gripped very firmly. Please, make sure that your throat is parched and clean before placing this strip so that it doesn’t fall off while you are asleep.

Step 5: Turn on the HVN Sleep pod and groove off with your sleep. When you wake up in the morning, head straight to your phone, check the sleeplus app and see how you performed last night with every recorded data.

So you have seen how easy it is to use HVN Sleep Pod. Enjoy the rest of the groove.

Pros and Cons of HVN Sleep Pod

(HVN Sleep Pod Review)


  1. The HVN sleep pod is easy to use.
  2. It is cost-efficient considering most brand competitors and their prices.
  3. It offers better quality and features.
  4. It does not pose any health risk to the user.
  5. They offer you buyer’s protection with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  6. They offer you undiluted customer support and even grant you a first-timer discount.
  7. Ships within days to countries like Canada (CA), the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), but may take longer time of up to 2weeks+ for some other countries.


  1. The HVN Sleep pod is Sold out in batch only. After a long wait, the company just restocked the first batch for 2022. Limited in stock
  2. Not advised for use on toddlers and teenagers below the age of 18.
  3. Even though it is cheaper to buy the HVN Sleep pod than other competing brands, the device may not be affordable for some people as it is sold for slightly higher than $100
  4. Not available to all countries; you can check with this link to verify availability in your country before purchase.



Reasons to Choose and Buy HVN Sleep Pod

Buying HVN Sleep Pod comes with mouth-watering benefits. You don’t compromise your health for anything. We could go on and on listing peculiar reasons why you should choose HVN Sleep pod among its competitors, but to save you some time, here are our 6 top benefits:

  1. The HVN sleep Pod is made and marketed in the United States of America. And quality is guaranteed.
  2. You should buy the HVN Sleep Pod if you want to combat your snoring habit and attain good results in less than 3weeks.
  3. The HVN Sleep pod is made with medically proven materials that ensure your health and safety protection while in use.
  4. HvnSleep pod is affordable and offers more value than its high-cost competitors.
  5. There are thousands of positive reviews about the HVN Sleep pod. You won’t want to compromise your health with a substandard CPAP device or waste your money on a product without good positive history and track record.
  6. Many customers have purchased this HVN Sleep pod as a gift for friends. You can consider adding it to your summer budget for 2022.

Hvn Sleep Pod Amazon, eBay, Walmart

(HVN Sleep Pod Review)

Hey, are you searching for hvn sleep pod Amazon, eBay, and Walmart? Well, we also did the same as we are trying our best to make sure you get every value you may ever want from this hvn sleep pod reviews. Unfortunately, the HVN Sleep Pod is only marketed by the company on its official website. If you happen to find it on any third-party stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, and the likes, then you are either buying from a reseller or getting the fake version. It is not worth the risk since the company doesn’t feature its stores on these third-party marketplaces.

We would advise that you stick with buying directly from the company and making sure that you have your buyer’s protection intact.


Hvn Sleep Support Information

(hvn sleep pod reviews)

  • Legal Company Name: Quality Performance Limited
  • Official Website: com
  • Legal Office Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013
  • Company Support Email:
  • Company Support Phone numbers:
  • For United States (US) and Canada (CA): 855 219 4892 (Toll-free)
  • For Australia (AU) and New Zealand (NZ): (02) 5133 5668
  • For the United Kingdom: 033 0818 0828

HVN Sleep Pod reviews Consumer Reports (Customer Reviews of HVN Sleep Pod)

Now, at this point, we are coming to the end of the hvn sleep pod review. Before we give you our final verdict, we thought it wise to bring to your knowledge, customer reviews of hvn sleep pod as seen on other places like Quora, Reddit, and on the company’s store.

“I was skeptical of this little sleep device at first, but later made up my mind to give it a shot. It takes a little of my time to get used to it, but after about 30 minutes, I forget it is there. My wife said it reduced my snoring a lot! I don’t use it every night, but she wakes me up some nights, and I put it on. She’s happy with it, so it’s working pretty well. No complaints from me.” – HVNsleep pod review by Andre M. (United States – US)

“Picked up one of the hvn sleep for my girlfriend because she snores to the high heavens! I couldn’t take it anymore. But we’re both so relieved this works. And it works well. After a few nights, no more snoring! And a peaceful night’s sleep beside my loved one for me. You can’t beat that. This little snore gadget may have saved our relationship.” – HVNsleep Pod review by Chris C. (New York, NY)

“It’s comfortable! I never thought it would be, but it is! It felt weird the first night, but now it’s like nothing. It’s fun to look at all the stats and see how you’re sleeping at night. Very cool. But best of all is, of course, it fixes your snoring. I love my HVNSleep Pod.” – HVNSleep Pod review by Kendra G. (United Kingdom, UK)

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Our Final Verdict on the HVN Sleep Pod Review

From our test on the hvn sleep pod and all the resources and customers reviews we got online, the HVN Sleep Pod is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 among thousands of customers reviews gathered from our research.

While some consumers bought the hvn sleep pod just to keep records of their sleep patterns and take full control, others bought it as a gift for friends and families suffering from sleep apnea. So whichever group you fall in, I am sure you need the HVN Sleep device.

Snoring has become a big challenge for people living in the United States (US), Canada (CA), the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), New Zealand, and even many African countries. I would love to let you know that many factors may cause snoring in humans, and if you could detect yours, it might be easier for you to stop it even without using hvn sleep pod or any other CPAP device.

Some of the factors that may cause one to snore intensely are not far from one of the following list below:

  • Too much alcohol consumption causes snoring. If you notice that you often snore only on the days you consumed plenty of alcohol, consider stopping alcohol intake completely or taking mild of it to sleep fine without snoring all night long. Otherwise, you can still use the HVN Sleep pod for sleep apnea when you find yourself drunk and expect to snore, and this will help you beat snoring all night and keep your partners at peace with you.
  • Not having enough sleep will also make you snore. The only solution here is that you don’t get yourself all worked up throughout the day without observing, even if it is 30 minutes of rest (nap). You can still have the Hvn sleep to cover the days you miss some rest during the day.
  • Your sleeping position may also be the reason why you snore. Consider buying HVN Sleep pod to keep detailed records of your sleep patterns and know how to best to correct the issue.
  • Traces of Hereditary can also be the cause of your intense snoring habit. That you inherited a bad lifestyle from your parent’s gene does not mean you must live with them forever, especially when the trait is one that can easily be fixed. Snoring shouldn’t be a forever stuff; locate the route cause of the problem and get it fixed. This hvn sleep pod review already offered you a proven solution.
  • Your mouth anatomy and Chronic Nasal problems can also be the primary cause why you snore very intensely. Whichever is the case here, the HVN Sleep pod provides a better remedy. Give it a shot!


Frequently Asked Questions on HVN Sleep Pod

Q1: Does the HVN sleep pod work?

Yes, the HVN sleep pod works just as the company assures. It is very efficient due to its high-end technical features and has been tested and proven to be 100% effective in treating sleep apnea.

Q2: Is HVN Sleep Pod A scam or Legit?

HVN Sleep Pod is not a scam. Having rated 4.8 out of 5.0 in more than a thousand plus customer reviews online proves that the HVN Sleep pod is legit and worth giving a shot for those in need of an effective remedy to stop snoring at home. Their store is also protected, and your credit card payment is also end-to-end encrypted. They integrate with top payment gateways (PayPal, Master Card, Visa Card, and other payment options) to securely process your payment on their website.

Q3: Is HVN Sleep Pod available in my country?

The HVN sleep pod is available globally through the company’s store. Although there are a few countries that HVN Sleep pod can’t be shipped to, it is available in the US, UK, CA, AU, and many other tier 1 countries. You can use this link to check if the hvn sleep pod is available in your country.

Q4: How long does it take for my HVN Sleep pod to be delivered?

If you ordered from the US, UK, CA, and AU, you should expect it delivered between 5 to 14 business days. However, it could take more time for faraway countries and depends on the shipping method available to your country. HVN Sleep pod company tries to fast-track your shipment to you as earlier as possible.

Q5: How do I get hvn sleep pod electrode refill

You can get an HVN Sleep pod electrode refill by contacting the company through their support channels. We have listed different ways and many of their contact information in this HVN Sleep pod review. So use any of the provided channels available here to reach out to them for an electrode refill.



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HVNSLEEP is in no way responsible for or has control of the content of any external website links. Information on this website may contain errors or inaccuracies; the website’s proprietors do not make a warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the website’s content.

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Testimonials on this site are submitted voluntarily by actual users of our products and/or services. As such, the results are illustrative rather than typical and cannot be guaranteed to apply to all individuals, and results should defer to individuals as everyone’s experience is personified.

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