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How you can make moving home far less stressful

Moving House

There are no two ways about it, moving house is very stressful. In fact, one study even found that moving house can be more stressful than going through a divorce. However, moving house doesn’t have to be stressful. It should be exciting, fun, and an incredible experience for yourself and the whole family.

So, if you are just weeks away from your moving date and you can feel the stress levels begin to ride already, here are some of the ways that you can make moving house less painful for yourself and your family.

#1 Invest in expert freight shippers

Investing in expert freight shippers can be an excellent and cost-effective way to make your home move less stressful, as this means that you can have your possessions shipped to your new home hassle-free. You can choose specialist services to help you with moving big bulky furniture, electronics, antiquities, and even pet transport, from cats to horses and everything in between. Looking into freight truck shipping, such as the services you can find on, can help you to make the most of your money and you’re your search much shorter, knowing that everything is being moved by experts in their field for extremely favorable prices.

#2 Make sure that you pre-plan everything

This is a really important step in the moving process, and missing out on it is probably what generates the greatest amount of stress. Here are some things that you should be on your ‘to do’ list:

  • Meals. Moving is hungry work, so you are going to need to make sure that you have your meals planned, even if it is just fifty dollars put aside for take-outs for various evenings. It might be a good idea to make food before you leave, so you have something to eat when you get there.
  • Organization. You need to make sure that your boxes are well-organized and make sure that you have everything in its appropriate box. You need to keep the boxes labeled and make sure that they are organized in an orderly fashion. This might take a long time and a lot of brainpower, but it will be well worth it in the end, as it will save you a lot of stress.
  • Make sure that everyone knows of your new address before you have spent a week at your new house. This makes it easier for you to get the mail that might have been sent to yours at this time to easily be redirected to your new house.

#3 Make sure that you celebrate the day

You need to make sure that this is a time to be celebrated and enjoyed, so it is well worth having a housewarming party, even if it is just you in attendance. Get yourself some cake, treat yourself and your new home, and turn what might have been a very stressful day into something a lot more fun and enjoyable to celebrate your new beginnings and, hopefully, a happy new chapter in your life.

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