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Moving Tips: Get On With The Transition Without Much Stress.


Moving is the third most stressful phase in life right after divorce. After spending so much time planning the whole process, it might even end up worst than your expectations. But, you no longer have to worry about that. We’ve found some helpful moving tips that will stress-free the whole process. 

1) Saving money on your move:

If you’re planning for a transition, understand that you’ll spend more money than you’ve probably ever spent in your life. From getting the essential packing supplies to hiring movers, finding an affordable living space, transferring utilities and even storage options, you’ll have to find ways to gather as much money as possible to meet your needs. Regardless of this, there are various ways you can get the most out of your move without spending so much. Consider the following:

  • Consider every possible option.

The best tip on moving you need to keep in mind is that whether you like it or not, you have several options to save money, especially when it comes to hiring cheap movers near me. There’s the option of renting a van yourself than using a movers truck. When you use shippers’ trucks, relocation costs may increase significantly. However, getting a moving van yourself will reduce the cost of logistics since you have a better chance at a bargaining price range. 

  • Get packing supplies for free. 

Another moving advice you need to consider is finding ways to get free packing materials. You can find free packing supplies in places like grocery stores and local hardware. All you need do is ask, and you’ll be surprised at how willing they are to provide you with different-sized boxes for your needs. 

  • Choose flexibility

Flexibility speaks volumes because it presents various cost-effective options and lee-ways to save money. Instead of a weekend move, you can save money when you opt for relocating on a weekday. Scouting for possible replacements like soft linens, paper towels, traveling boxes and trash bags also helps you save more. 

2) How to pack for a move

Now that you’ve found the best ways to cut down on cost, you want to focus on packing your belongings. This process is probably one of the most tedious aspects of relocating. You won’t only have to box the items; you have to wrap each item before packing them to prevent possible damages. Not to worry, as our moving tips and tricks are all about easy moving. In essence, you are finding the best way to cut corners. With this in mind, here are some moving hacks on how to pack for a move. 

  • Keep clothes on the hanger.

You won’t have to remove empty hangers during a transition if you have a wardrobe box or trash bag. You need to remove each hanger with the cloth on it, nicely fold them, and place them neatly in the wardrobe box or garbage bag. You can try grouping them by occasion, color or use to avoid confusion when unpacking the clothes. 

  • Get creative with in-home supplies.

How sure are you that packing supplies will be enough for your needs? You have no way of knowing. If you get to this stage, you don’t have to waste money buying extra supplies. Get creative with socks, linens, dish towels and even paper towels. The socks will work great to protect breakable items like glasses, while the towels will act as a cushion for your lamps, knives and expensive vases. 

  • Use plastic wrap to cover things that might spill.

In transit, you’ll always come across a speed bump or dangerous item that would make the truck driver play some tricks. This maneuver may end up tossing your packed boxes sideways. If you have any liquid items in the van, they’ll likely pour out or spill. It would be best to avoid spills as much as possible as they may leave permanent stains on your clothing items. If you’ve got a shampoo, liquid soap, liquid dishwasher, oil and even vinegar, use a plastic wrap under their lids to tighten them. 

  • Take pictures of box contents.

Have you ever bought an item in the grocery store only to forget where you dropped an item, and you have to scatter the contents of each bag? This situation also applies when unpacking, especially if you fail to note the content of each box. Before closing up the cardboard box, make sure to take a snapshot of the contents in the carton. While a snapshot won’t tell you about every item in the box, it’ll joggle your memory on where you’ll find what you need at that time. 

  • Pack an essential bag

Make sure to pack a small suitcase containing items like toiletries, license, medications and a change of clothes that you’ll likely need nights before the move and during your first few days in your new home. 

3) Moving day

Congrats on successfully packing your belongings. Now it’s time to prepare for the moving day. Like the packing stage, this process is more draining and will take several hours. But, you can avoid the stress of a move. Read below to find some helpful tips for moving that will help you scale the D-day. 

  • Plan to move with kids and pets in the way

If you have young children and pets, you need to make plans on where they can stay as shippers transport your belongings. It’ll be difficult to have your kids at home during this process as they’ll want to see what’s happening and can get hurt. 

  • Be packed up the day before moving day.

Always make a habit of finishing up on strategies days before an event. If you fail to pack every household item before the moving day, you may forget important items and risk getting late to your new home. In the worst case, the transport service you choose to use may cancel on you to help another dedicated customer. 

Moving is never an easy task. But with these moving hacks we’ve listed above, we’re sure you can get on with the transition without much stress. 

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