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How You Can Benefit From Baller Club Social Trading

The world has had various advancements in trading and investments, and in recent years we’ve seen the proliferation of users getting into trading. Yet, one trend that remains true is that for effective trading, individuals still typically have to attain some level of knowledge about the financial market and trading.

In this era of hyper-connectivity and the rise of the Internet, social trading has become all the rage that steps in to solve this problem. This gives traders – both seasoned and newbies – power over their trades while bridging the knowledge gap.

Social trading is an investment strategy where one observes the trading behavior of other people or traders and uses copy trading to follow their actions. Social trading requires only a bit of (or even no) understanding of the financial markets and has even been hailed by the World Economic Forum as a mature and low-cost alternative to traditional financial products.

Many brokers and companies have been trying to find the fine balance between the risks and benefits of social trading, and one company that has done well in this is the Baller Club. Apart from being a global cultural and social club where the community can learn more about global cultures and preserve traditions, the Baller Club has also created an AI Bot that makes use of social trading and the Martingale Strategy to stack the odds in traders’ favors.

The Martingale Strategy was first introduced by French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy in the 18th century, where one basically doubles their trade size every time a loss is faced; the strategy attempts to trade an outcome with a 50:50 probability of it occurring. In fact, statistics have shown that the winning rate of the Martingale Strategy over 6 trades can be as high as 98.5%!

With the Martingale Strategy working best in a 50:50 scenario and options trading also having a 50:50 chance of winning, it makes perfect sense to use this strategy for options trading – exactly what the Baller Club has done.

Baller Club’s Social Trading AI Package is a collaboration between Baller Club & DERIV, where users can participate in automated option social trading with the AI Bot, having their capital protected by the Baller AI Bot Protection System. DERIV has a long list of accolades, reviews, and experience to its name, making the Baller AI Bot all the more attractive.

All in all, social trading is a strategy that brings all users a step closer to meaningful and effective trading and is definitely a good opportunity for both newbies and traders who are looking to save time. With advanced technology and communities out there today, tapping into this strategy is now much more accessible.

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