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How Will I Get The Most Accurate Internet Speed Test Results?

How Will I Get The Most Accurate Internet Speed Test Results?

Determining the internet speed is not difficult as thousands of tools are available on the internet which help in measuring your internet speed in seconds. But all your effort goes wrong if you can not get accurate internet speed test results. Along with measuring the internet speed, accuracy is the key thing. The Ptcl speed test is such a great tool that provides the most accurate internet speed test results.

Along with using the right speed test tool, you should consider various factors that cause slowing your internet speed down including too much load on the server, poor weather conditions, putting your router or modem away from your computer or mobile phone, etc.

So, if you are unable to get accuracy in internet speed test results and curiously want to know how to get accurate internet speed test results, you can find multiple solutions here. So let’s go!

How To Measure Accurate Internet Speed Results?

How To Measure Accurate Internet Speed Results
Before going to test your internet speed, keep in mind the following factors that are essential to consider to get accurate internet speed results.

1. Place Your Modem Or Router Closest To You

The internet signals that a modem or router provides have a specific distance range. And, the speed test tool sends data packets that can not travel far away. When your router lies far away from your computer, it is unable to provide signals to your device completely. And also, a speed test tool cannot read the server absolutely and consequently shows inaccurate speed results.

So you should place your router closest to you so that a speed test tool can locate the server easily which is based on your IP address. Doing this will enable you to get accurate results as well as boost your internet speed.

2. Restart Your Router

Restarting your router is the second most important thing if you want to check your internet speed accurately. It is very easy to restart your router. Find the main power supply coming to your router and unplug it. Once you unplugged your router, wait for a while, and again, plug it back. Doing this will restart your router.

It’s better to restart the device on which you are using the internet speed test tool. Because sometimes, your computer or mobile phone is not working properly due to some viruses. Plus, they might have been hanged due to some technical problems.

3. Remove The Variables

Your device should be connected directly to the router while conducting a test on internet speed. If it is not so, it will not let you get accurate internet speed results. Let’s have a closer look at how various variables become a hurdle in testing internet speed.

  • If your computer or mobile device is connected with a WIFI wireless USB instead of an ethernet port, it will slow your internet speed down. Consequently, you will get the wrong internet speed results.
  • Remove the other internet devices from the main router if they are connected.
  • Disconnect all mobile phones and other devices from your internet as this will lessen the load on the server and help to gain the best results.
  • Close the unnecessary applications if they are opened on your phone or computer.
  • Clear your browser cache because it also slows down the internet speed on your device.

4. Repeat The Internet Speed Test Once Or Twice

After performing all the necessary actions, it is possible that you might not get accurate internet speed results on your first turn. Or, you might be confused about whether the results are accurate or not. Repeat the internet speed test once or twice. If all the results match each other, it means you have successfully measured the accurate internet speed results.

How To Get Accurate Internet Speed Results With The Ptcl Speed Test?

Ptcl speed test is a free tool that tells how speedy your internet connection is and measures the quality of your internet. More briefly, it shows results based on your download speed, and upload speed as well as tells the Ping and Jitter rate of your internet.

When you open the Ptcl speed test tool, you will see a ‘GO’ option on top of the page. Tap on that option and it will start testing your internet speed. You need to wait for a few seconds and a result chart will be shown on your display telling download speed, upload speed, Jing, and Putter.

Note down the results on a paper or take a screenshot and again tap on ‘Go’. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times to measure accurate internet speed. Moreover, doing this will help you to calculate the average accuracy rate of your internet speed.


Getting the most accurate speed test is easily accessible with various internet speed test tools like Ptcl internet speed test. Before taking an internet speed test, it is important to keep in mind the factors that affect internet speed. Furthermore, It is crucial to measure the accurate internet speed because it should be in your knowledge whether you are getting the same speed you have paid for. And, most importantly, a good internet speed helps to finish your online projects on time.

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