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How VoIP Apps Work With Your Android Phone

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There is no denying the growing popularity of VoIP, and indeed there is no real alternative to it. Today VoIP phones offer an entirely new way of doing business on the web, replacing traditional landlines. In fact if you were to do a simple online search for ‘VoIP phones’ you would find that the number of available options increase exponentially year on year. This has resulted in a situation where businesses are now able to manage their VoIP telephone systems in ways they never were before. The benefits of VoIP through apps to organizations extend far beyond mere communication however, as this technology also provides IT professionals with an unparalleled opportunity to exploit telecommuting and reduce overall travel costs, not to mention that it allows them to leverage their workforce more effectively.

But what really sets VoIP apart from its competition? Well it is the sheer convenience of using this technology for business. With many of today’s phones being equipped with VoIP services and at a fraction of the price of traditional telephone services, we now have the opportunity to take advantage of VoIP while retaining our current telecommunications infrastructure. But what makes VoIP phones so convenient? Well the biggest feature by far is call quality – you now get to enjoy superior call quality when you use any of the top VoIP phones.

One of the most important aspects of any VoIP system is the ability to integrate your VoIP services with your existing business systems, whether these are legacy systems or modern smartphones. Now with more manufacturers releasing quality VoIP phones, organizations no longer need to purchase dedicated servers to access their IP network. Instead they can simply integrate their existing smartphone infrastructure with their VoIP phone systems, and this has the added benefit of reducing overall system costs. All you need to do is download a free VoIP app from the Android Market, for example, and then let your smartphone do all the heavy lifting, whilst taking care of all the heavy calling. The beauty of this integration is that your employees can still make calls using the existing infrastructure, which means that your employees can carry out VoIP work, as well as performing office work, uninterrupted.

VoIP Apps also allow businesses to incorporate several other features such as video conferencing, sales tracking, appointment reminders, IT help desk software, web collaboration and remote PC access. With so many additional features available, it’s not surprising that many organizations are choosing mobile device solutions for their VoIP needs. With the rise in popularity of smartphones and their apps, there is now no reason why businesses can’t use mobile devices to run their VoIP business. Top VoIP companies such as Vonage, Opex andpnv are now providing mobile device based VoIP solutions to businesses.

With the integration of VoIP with business phone systems and mobile devices, one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is how to migrate from current PSTN VoIP services to mobile IP telephony. This is where VoIP Apps come into play. Most VoIP Apps will seamlessly integrate with your current business phone system, meaning that you don’t need to buy a new VoIP phone or switch over to a new VoIP service. Many even come built-in with the current phone system, meaning that all that you need to do is install the VoIP Apps on your mobile device and you’re ready to go.

The most popular VoIP Apps available for android users are those that are free to download. These free VoIP Apps offer many of the features that regular VoIP services usually offer as well as advanced capabilities that go beyond basic calling. Some of these free VoIP Apps, such as Skype, have integrated video calling capabilities and allow you to make free calls to any internet connected phone. Other free VoIP Apps such as Google Talk, Viber and Tapioca have advanced calling features that include video calling and sending SMS and email attachments, along with the ability to check your email. These free VoIP Apps are highly recommended for users who use their mobiles for all of their communication needs.

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