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Mobile VoIP Apps Enrich Communication Across Customers and Clients Amid Covid-19

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology is gathering steam across the corporate world and for business communication across industries. The communication technology has gained wide use due to non-reliance on traditional cellular or landline-based networks. The growing trend of mobile workforce, accelerated and engendered by the Covid-19 work-from-home culture has led to a massive avenue for the use of mobile VoIP through apps. Their popularity in the business world has stemmed from the urge to nurse a productive environment for the mobile and remote workforce. The mobile VoIP apps market has taken off in a big way in the past few months, on the back of the rising prospects among client-based communication in enterprises.

Cost-effectiveness and Convenience Key Propositions for Adoption Among Mobile Workforce

A major proposition for the acceptance and the growing number of consumers in the mobile VoIP apps market is the cost-effectiveness of the technology. The presence of reliable internet and robust ICT network are the key accelerants for the expansion of avenues over the past few years. Rise in apps in mobile VoIP targeted towards business use is a key trend that echoes the rapidly growing prospects in the mobile VoIP apps market. Several functionalities tend to allure consumers, and the market players are brining constant product advancements to expanding their consumer base. One key advantage is the sync that VoIP offers between the workplace phone to smartphone.

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Companies with its sales and production operations spread internationally find VoIP an cost-efficient option. In recent years, when a large chunk of working population had to remain within the confines of home due to Covid-19 mobility restrictions, even nationally, mobile VoIP apps market has started to build growth. Especially the sales and support staff in services industry has successfully leveraged the technology for keeping them well-connected among themselves and among the clients and customers. The trend is expected to retain its sheen in the coming months also, long after Covid-19 pandemic impacts recede. This is evident in the BFSI industry, where the stakeholders have in recent months have accelerated their efforts to digitalize and spend consistently on IT products.

Rise in Use of Office Collaboration Tools Boosts Prospects

The BYOD policy is another key underpinning that has presented a large avenue for the growth of app developers in the mobile VoIP space. Many of the VoIP such as Skype were already being used widely for business communication. They have been used extensively for instant messaging and conferencing even in the pre-pandemic era. But the user-interface of the mobile VoIP was not so developed then, which offered a huge room for growth for players in the mobile VoIP apps market.

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Growing use of and awareness about office collaboration tools is another factor behind the uptick in the demand for mobile VoIP apps. There still a lot of unmet need. A case in point is the mobile VoIP apps for iOS. App developers in the industry are exploring new opportunities by offering new and advanced group collaboration features that are compatible with iOS. The adoption of better office platforms for business communication even in small-sized companies in emerging economies is a key trend bolstering the prospects in the mobile VoIP apps market.

Way Forward

The recent shifts in the mobile VoIP market have been impacted by the IT security concerns and privacy issue. Hence, enterprises are looking for better protocols to secure their data. The security of remote business communication is sometimes at stake because of lack of technical skills used by employees. Upskilling may be a key way to overcome these. Overall, the market is expected to witness a promising growth due to rise open-source mobile VoIP app services.

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