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How To Write A Resume?

resume writing

Resume writing tips for those looking for work in the home staffing industry. Every day we are faced with questions about how to write a resume. In this article, we have tried to give recommendations—how to describe your work experience, what points should be highlighted, and what should be emphasized so that your resume will impress both the agency and the employer.

Nanny resume examples can be seen in the article. Algorithm of the resume, we will talk in detail about each item:

Position. Pay attention to writing the correct title of the desired position. If the vacancy sounds like “Nanny to a newborn” or “Nanny Guvnant”, then you should specify the desired position exactly, and not, for example, as an animator or interpreter. And pay attention to the description of detailed experience in this direction. Important! If you do not have experience, which is asked in the job vacancy, but you think you can cope (I’m also a mom, and worked in families), then you should not be deceived. Specialized home staffing agencies are looking for professionals not only with a major education but also with real experience working with families. Lack of experience will be evident in the work, and you will lose your time!

Education. It is important to write not only basic education but also additional – courses, instruction, and even years of hobby (if it has to do with the desired job). For example:

  • sports section (had/has a junior grade in swimming, boxing…)
  • cooking school …
  • music school (accordion, piano, violin, etc.)
  • dance class (share your child’s hobbies))
  • art school
  • driving school
  • Specialized courses (e.g. courses in “baby massage” or “governesses”, “etiquette”, courses in first aid)) All of this speaks to your self-development and “draws” your personal portrait.
  • And much more.

Personal information. Basic: date of birth, marital status, children. Additional (optional): zodiac sign, height, weight.

Photo. Photo—this is the first impression of you, the second chance to make it will not! It is important that the photo should be professional and specifically for the resume. Do not forget to smile, it disposes of)))

Work experience. It is necessary to indicate all work experience in chronological order, but describe in more detail only the experience that is needed for this vacancy.

For Example:

  • 1998 – 2008 – elementary school teacher.
  • 2008 – 2020 – family work

It is important to write about your accomplishments as a nanny in this family, with this child. For example:

“Thanks to developmental activities, the child spoke early, and learned to read and count.”

“Gave her love of sports, music, and dancing.”

“Developed the child with the help of early development techniques, learned to write, count, developed logical thinking, learned etiquette, instilled the rules of good manners”

“In practice, I used point message—the Uman method (received a certificate) for children from 3 years old, for the development of motor skills, balance, general physiology”

“Thanks to daily procedures, the child did not fall ill”.

“Learned a foreign language”

“Self-care skills were instilled”

Characteristics about yourself. Here it is important to write not the standard phrases hardworking, not conflict, but to write from the heart. After reading this, you need to understand why you are, for example, a nanny. Describe your strong professional qualities and competencies.

“Can find a common language with every child. I try to be the right hand for the parents in all matters relating to the upbringing and care of the child. I teach children to be orderly and help them to be relaxed and sociable. My main focus is on the development of the intellectual, creative, and communicative abilities of each child.

“I know the basics of child care and first aid techniques.

Motivation (not required, but an advantage). It is necessary to write why you want to get this job, to work in this family.

For example, “I need a nanny for a girl of 5 years.”

“Much attention is paid to the development of the child, preparing the girl for school (lessons developing, teaching, creative nature with role-playing, intellectual and movement games, information minutes, cognitive walks in the fresh air, learning styles, fairy tales (storytelling, use elements of eidetic), organization of leisure girl on the interests (modeling, drawing, embroidery, diamond embroidery, crafts, applique, sewing, knitting.

If you need a babysitter for your baby

“My main duty is to help parents. Leading round-the-clock nursing care for the baby, I help the mother from the first days. I can use my massage skills for infants if desired, and I use early development techniques in my work.”

We hope that our recommendations will help you build a decent resume and find the job you want.

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