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How to Unlock and Start Your Car When Your Key Fob Is Dead?

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A car key fob is a small but wonderful device. You ever wonder what would happen if it died while you were, let’s say, in the grocery store or the office? With a dead key fob, how can you start (or even enter!) your car? Fortunately, there is a solution.

Tips to unlock your car If your key fob is dead, it will be completely covered in this article. So let’s begin.

How do key fobs work?

RFID is an intelligent barcode technology that employs electromagnetic fields to recognize and track data on “tags” that hold recorded information. This is how modern key fobs function. Then, through radio waves information is sent.

The barcode system functions like how the barcodes on the packaging of tangible goods do. To learn the material, a reader is needed.

Hold or wave the key fob in front of the reader to use it to open a door. Each key fob is equipped with a microchip that connects with the reader through a specific frequency and signals when the door should be opened.

Fobs can be programmed to provide different access levels for different applications. For instance, you may set up a building manager’s key fob to open all doors in a building, as opposed to a help desk employee’s key fob, which might only open a select few doors.


What should I do if my key fob dies?

Your key fob’s battery has to be charged to transmit the signal that the ignition system needs to hear. The ignition will remain locked if your car or truck can’t recognize the right signal, making it impossible for you to start your vehicle while holding the key fob in your pocket.

Thankfully, your automobile features a backup system that considers this issue. For the majority of manufacturers, the proximity will enable the vehicle to authenticate the existence of the key and start the car if you hold your dead fob against the ignition button.

To get the key fob as near to the receiver as possible, certain cars feature a slot on the steering column, center console, or dash into which the key fob may be inserted (or held against). You should find directions in your owner’s handbook.

If it doesn’t work, a select few automakers pair the key fob with a real key or include a tiny key inside the key fob provided by car key suppliers. Sometimes, this key is inserted into a secret slot on the steering column, which acts like a conventional ignition.



Below Are Some Other Unique Ways To Start Your Car If Your Key Fob Battery Dies

Unlock The Car Remotely

Another hidden feature of many contemporary automobile models is the ability to remotely access your vehicle. Do you currently have a vehicle app installed? Then, it is frequently rather simple, and you may frequently unlock it from this. If you haven’t, you may frequently phone your authorized dealer, who can then direct you to someone who can unlock it remotely. For this, you frequently require your secret code, which, however, you probably do not have with you at all times. Ask your authorized dealer what they can do for you by giving them a call.

By Removing the Ignition Lock Cover

You might want to know how to start the automobile now that the key fob is dead after unlocking and entering the vehicle. Your automobile frequently features a concealed cover that you’ll find an ignition lock underneath, just as with the door handle. You can easily locate this in your car’s service manual when you have access to it. Try holding the key close to the ignition lock or key start button as another option. Like previously, there may be enough energy left to receive a very weak signal, which could be sufficient to start your automobile. If your car starts, it’s time to take a journey to the nearest location where you can get new key fob batteries.

Get A Help

It’s time to seek assistance if you attempted everything suggested in this tutorial without success. You might attempt to discover the emergency service phone number for your automobile type, or you can call a towing business, which might be able to assist you. Most of the time, they’ll send aid right away to either help you get into the car or tow it to the closest repair shop.


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