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How to Remove Watermark from Images with Original Quality

The Specific Guides to Remove Watermark from Images without Losing Quality.

When you see a beautiful picture on a website and want to download it as a mobile phone screen saver, does the watermark make you feel that the photo lacks its original beauty? You can use several easy methods to remove the watermark, such as Crop and Photoshop. This article will introduce the image watermark and how to eliminate a watermark from the picture while maintaining the original image quality.

Guide List:

Part 1: What is An Image Watermark

Part 2: How to Remove Watermark From An Image

Part 3: Tips for Removing A Watermark from A Photo

Part 4: FAQs

Part 1. What is An Image Watermark

Image watermark is to add words, patterns, and marks to the image, and the main purpose is to prevent others from stealing and protecting the copyright of the pictures. The common image watermarking methods are font-embedding, text overlay, image overlay, and vector graphics with transparent backgrounds. For individuals, the advantage of photo watermarking is to protect the copyright of your works. For the company, it is not only to prevent others from stealing but also to market the company’s brand through a watermark. But the disadvantage is that adding watermarks will make your image quality suffer a certain loss. How to remove the watermark in the image? Read on to find the answer.

Part 2. How to Remove Watermark From An Image

Is there a way to easily remove the watermark from an image without losing quality? AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online is the initial choice for you. This watermark remover can quickly and safely delete text, logos, objects, stickers, and other items from pictures in JPG, JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats. Most importantly, AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online has AI image technology, which can remove the watermark from the picture and restore the image to its original quality. Moreover, you can also use it to easily eliminate the multi-color watermark in the picture.

Key Features:

  1. AI image technology can easily remove the watermark and restore the image to its original quality.
  2. Easily eliminate multi-color watermarks and multiple watermarks in pictures.
  3. Support removing watermarks from photos at any time on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Step 1: Open the AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online on the website, and click the Remove Now button to open the AnyMP4 Free Watermark Remover. Then Click the Upload Image button or drop your image file to the square to upload your image.

Step 2: After uploading the image, you can use a brush, lasso, and polygonal tool to choose the watermark. If the selected area is inaccurate, you can use an eraser to erase the selected area.

Step 3: Then click the Remove button to start removing the watermark from the image, you can preview the image after removing the watermark. Click the Download button to save the image when you feel satisfied.

Part 3. Tips for Removing A Watermark from A Photo

  1. How to use Crop to remove a watermark from a photo?

If the watermark in the picture is small and located in the corner of the photo, you can use the simplest method to remove the watermark from a picture. You don’t need to download any tools. You can use the mobile phone image library and choose the Crop tool to remove the watermark. But this method is only limited to small watermarks located in the corners of the photo.

  1. How to use Photoshop to remove the watermark from a picture?

Photoshop is a famous graphic editor software, and watermark remover is one of its functions. But the steps are complicated, you need to spend time learning to remove the watermark from the photo.

Step 1: Download Photoshop on your computer and open the photos with watermarks in Photoshop.

Step 2: Select the Lasso tool and other tools from the toolbox to draw along the edge of the watermark and select the watermark area accurately.

Step 3: Then go to the Edit menu and select the Fill option. Don’t check the Color Adaptation option and click the OK button.

  1. How do overlap photos on watermarks to eliminate watermarks?

If you plan to add stickers or patterns to your photos, you can use this method to remove the watermark from an image. The steps are very simple, just open the image repair software, add a sticker, and place it on the watermark.

Part 4. FAQs

  1. Can I add a watermark to a photo?

Yes, you can use a photo editor, such as Photoshop, to add text and image watermarks to your pictures. You can also adjust the size and transparency of the watermark according to your preferences.

  1. How to remove a watermark without blurring a picture?

You can choose to use some professional tools, such as AnyMP4 Watermark Remover. It can maintain the original image quality after removing the watermark.

  1. Is it illegal to remove the watermark?

Yes, the watermark is to protect the copyright of the work. If you want to remove the watermark in the photo, you’d better get the consent of the owner.


There are many ways to remove watermarks from the picture. This article mainly introduces four methods. You have learned their characteristics, and you can choose one of them to use according to your preferences and needs. Moreover, be sure to obtain the consent of the image owner before using it to remove the watermark.

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