How to Purchase SynthiumHealth SHP Tokens

SynthiumHealth is a cloud-enabled blockchain based platform designed specially to facilitate e-commerce in the healthcare industry. From the trading of medical related digital information to all transactions on the supply chain, what Alibaba is to South East Asia, SynthiumHealth is set to be that for the entire healthcare industry. The primary aim of the platform is to level out all the challenges and inefficiencies commonly associated with e-commerce in healthcare. This is achieved through the utilization of cost-effective and modern-day technologies in the business to align and connect with trading partners on all-cloud platform that simplifies the business to business supply chain experience with the aim of maximizing whatever revenue is generated. The Georgian based company in the U.S. was created back in 2013 by founder and present CEO, Vijay Reddy.

SynthiumHealth Platform Tokens

The SynthiumHealth platform is powered by the native cryptocurrency of the platform – the SynthiumHealth tokens, denoted by the letters SHP. SHP is an ERC-20 standard token and serves as the utility tokens of the platform. In other words, the tokens are what a user requires to register with on the platform in other to obtain membership which will grant them access to the portal. All registered users can either access the platform as buyer, seller or public. The tokens can also be used to pay the transaction fee on in-app services and provide payments for market trading. The ICO of SynthiumHealth tokens is now ended. It lasted for two months from November 27, 2017, to February 28, 2018. In this period, the SHP was sold at a token price of $0.65 with a hard cap of 200 million SHP.

How to purchase SynthiumHealth Tokens

Investors in the token sale were required to set up a Synthium Wallet account where the purchased tokens were to be credited to the investor.

  • To create a Synthium Wallet, simply visit the page and follow the instructions.
  • A confirmatory mail will be sent to the email you created the wallet account with.
  • Validate your wallet account via the email sent to you.
  • Then you’re set to buy your SHP tokens.

However, the token sale is done and on the 9th of March 2018, SHP tokens were officially listed on as tradable tokens. To purchase SHP from the cryptocurrency exchange;

  • Visit
  • Register for an account on the website
  • Before any purchase can be feasible, you are required to make a deposit to your account (most recommended in BitcoinCash) or buy Bitcoin Cash from the exchange;

How to buy Bitcoin Cash

  • Go to the search page
  • Input your ‘criteria of purchase’
  • From the ‘View Listing” page, enter the amount of Bitcoin Cash you would like to trade.
  • The seller will confirm the exchange rates and lock up the Bitcoin Cash in an escrow account.
  • After receiving the fiat currencies from you – the buyer, the seller will release the Bitcoin Cash to you.

How to buy SHP with Bitcoin Cash

  • From the home page (default webpage), tab on the drop-down button on the top left-hand side of the page on the menu bar
  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘Crypto Exchange’
  • In the newly loaded page, input the appropriate details in the provided text box – put the amount of tokens you wish to buy, select the currency you wish to buy the tokens with (LocalBitcoinCash supports 23 cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, DASH and BitcoinCash – however for this particular purchase, you have to choose BitcoinCash as LocalBitcoinCash only supports trading pairs with BitcoinCash).
  • The system will automatically input the amount equivalent to the chosen digital coin.
  • Next, select ‘SynthiumHealth Platform SHP’ as the coin to be purchased.
  • Click on ‘Exchange’.
  • You will be required to provide a wallet address where the tokens will be credited to.
  • You can input the details of your Synthium Wallet account or any other cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Your SHP tokens will be credited to your account.


The exchange process is relatively easy once your account has sufficient funds, the transaction can pretty much be completed in seconds. As an exchange, LocalBitcoinCash is very reliable and efficient. They charge no transaction fees, utilize an escrow account to ensure the security of funds and there’s to limit to what can be traded. To learn more about SHP tokens and future listings, check out the website here.

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