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How to prepare for the Black Friday holiday season as a seller on Amazon Merch on Demand

Black Friday

Holidays are often the most exciting time of the year for many people, as it’s a time to take a break from the usual daily routine and indulge in some well-deserved relaxation. Among the many holidays that people look forward to, Black Friday is one that stands out for its shopping frenzy. Use Merch Informer tool for record breaking sales on Black Friday.

Black Friday is a holiday that falls at the end of the year, usually in November. It’s a day that marks the start of the holiday shopping season and is characterized by steep discounts and sales across a wide range of products. 

The demand for products such as t-shirts, mugs, caps, hoodies, phone cases, home decor, sweatshirts, and more increases during the Black Friday festive season. For retailers, this is an excellent opportunity to increase their sales and profits by offering attractive deals and discounts to their customers. This means that there are significant money-making opportunities available for businesses during this period.

Consumers are actively seeking ideal merchandise to gift their loved ones, and with their willingness to spend, you undoubtedly want to be the provider of top-notch products.

Tips to increase sales around the Black Friday season

The holiday season is a great time for merch creators to boost sales and generate more revenue. Black Friday, in particular, is a crucial shopping event for many consumers. It’s a time when people are on the lookout for great deals and bargains. As a merch creator, it’s essential to take advantage of this opportunity by creating designs that will appeal to your audience during this season.

Holiday Colors

One of the most important things to consider when creating Black Friday t-shirt designs is to utilize the typical holiday colors. Red, green, gold, and silver are popular colors that people associate with the holiday season. Incorporating these colors into your designs can help make them more attractive to your target audience. Additionally, using darker shades of these colors can help make your designs stand out and give them a more festive feel.

Creating a Dreamy and Magical Feel with Fonts

Another crucial aspect of creating Black Friday t-shirt designs is choosing the right fonts. Depending on the theme of your design, you can use either serif or sans-serif fonts. Serif fonts are great for creating a dreamy and magical feel, while sans-serif fonts are perfect for neutral or comical messages. Your choice of font can significantly impact how your message is perceived by your audience, so choose wisely.

Keyword optimization

In addition to the design elements of your t-shirts, keyword optimization is a vital SEO factor that can determine how visible and discoverable your merch is to your target audience. When creating Black Friday t-shirt designs, be sure to use relevant keywords in your title, description, and tags. This can help improve your search ranking and make your merch more visible to potential buyers.

Amazon Advertising

Another effective way to boost sales during the Black Friday season is through Amazon Advertising. With Amazon Advertising, you can promote your merch to a wider audience and reach people who are interested in your products. There are several advertising options available, such as sponsored products, sponsored brands, and sponsored display ads. By choosing the right advertising option and targeting the right audience, you can significantly improve your sales and generate more revenue during the holiday season.

Special Offers & Discounts

Special offers can be an effective way to increase sales during the holiday season. People are always on the lookout for a good deal, and offering a discount or promotion can incentivize them to make a purchase.

Consider offering a percentage off the purchase price, free shipping, or a buy-one-get-one deal, coupon codes to entice buyers. You can also create bundle deals or package deals to encourage customers to purchase more than one item. Be sure to promote your offers and discounts on your social media channels and email marketing campaigns to ensure maximum exposure.

However, be careful not to discount your products too heavily, as this can hurt your profit margins. Keep in mind that offering discounts should be a strategic marketing decision and not a knee-jerk reaction to slow sales. By offering smart discounts and promotions, you can increase sales and generate more revenue during the holiday season.

My experience with Black Friday Selling

As an experienced seller on Amazon, I always strive to identify the top-performing listings to stay ahead of the competition. Recently, I decided to use Merch Informer to analyze the t-shirt category and discover the current bestseller. To my surprise, I found that the top-performing listing was from the Black Friday niche and had the title “I’m Here For The Boos” T-Shirt, selling at $18.99.

The design of the t-shirt was a combination of text and imagery. It featured the catchy phrase “I’m Here For The Boos” with images of ghosts, pumpkins, and catchy texts. I also noticed that the listing title was optimized with keywords like “Black Friday,” while the product description included keywords such as “Black Friday SALE,” “Black Friday costume,” and “Black Friday Deals.”

To understand the pricing strategy of the seller, I analyzed the historical data of the listing. I found that the price remained consistent over the months leading up to Halloween, with no vivid drops or rises. However, I came across a similar listing with a BSR of 1,215 and around 300 sales per month, selling at a higher price of $21.99.

Upon further analysis, I discovered that the seller had increased the price from the initial $14.99 to $21.99 in November month. Despite the increase in price, the BSR remained stable, proving that customers prioritize the quality and design of the product over the price.

This analysis highlights the importance of designing high-quality products with optimized titles and descriptions to attract customers, regardless of the pricing strategy. Additionally, consistency in pricing and product quality are essential factors to maintain a steady customer base and improve sales. As a seller, understanding these factors can help you stay ahead in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

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