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How to Pick the Right Live Streaming Platform for Your Needs?

Live Streaming Platform

The online live streaming industry has expanded 99% from April 2019 to April 2020. Recently, it has become one of the most popular formats in which people consume content. From sporting events to “going live” on social media, live streaming is making its mark everywhere.

By 2027, the global live streaming industry is expected to exceed $245 billion. You won’t be denied options while selecting a live streaming platform. But the variety makes it even more challenging to offer a flawless experience to your audience.

We have come to your rescue by compiling a handful of tips to find the most suitable live streaming platform per your needs.

1.   Check Hardware Compatibility

Your hardware components can improve the quality of your live streaming. Don’t compromise spending on high-quality equipment when you wish to impress your audience with a professional streaming experience. But the encoder or the tool responsible for transforming your video content into different formats can pose a challenge for you.

Encoding helps create digital copies of your live video to post on the internet. Some live streaming platforms require you to use a particular encoder to enjoy their services.

However, choose a platform that will support your third-party and high-quality encoder. It will help you uphold a good video streaming quality to impress your audience. While most platforms support high-quality tech, not all of them do.

2.   Check Functionality

The functionality of the video streaming platform goes a long way in deciding whether it’s the most suitable for you. Choose a platform that offers features to make your live streaming experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

Some top features to look for are as follows:

●     Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-based video streaming platforms allow you to log in and stream directly from your browsers. You won’t be required to focus on software downloads or firmware updates.

●     Streaming Out to Other Platforms

Before zeroing-in on any streaming platform, you will have to check whether it is possible to stream out to other platforms conveniently. Just the way, Zuddl enables you to stream out to more than 100 other social media or virtual events platforms, including Zoom, YouTube, and Teams.

●     Live Chat and Engagement Tools

Live chat and engagement tools make the audience more involved during your live stream and make it more personal.

3.   Check Out Customer Support

If you aren’t familiar with the industry, you won’t be able to foresee issues and find the right solutions. Even if you can manage some issues temporarily, they might transpire into something more prominent with time. Therefore, it’s always best to have access to tech experts.

A minute interruption during a live stream can make you lose your audience. So, choose a live streaming platform like the beta version of Zuddl Studio offering 24*7 customer support through phone, email, or live chat. Ensure that the experts figure out how to solve your issues as quickly as possible.

Closing Thoughts

Opting for a free trial on a live streaming platform is always prudent. It will allow you to check whether the platform is the most suitable. Currently, Zuddl is offering beta access and an extended trial period of three months to every user signing up for their waitlist. Don’t miss out on the offer!

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