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How to Perform Umrah in Ramdan?

Performing Umrah in Ramadan is indeed a blessing that every Muslim wishes to benefit from. Muslims globally start searching for Ramadan Umrah packages to be among the lucky ones to perform the holy pilgrimage in this blessed month. The reason behind the importance of performing Umrah in this month can be inferred from the hadith of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. Narrated in both Al-Bukhari (1782) and Muslim (1256) by Ibn ‘Abbas, the hadith states: Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H asked a woman from the tribe of Ansar “What kept you from performing Hajj with us?” She said: We have just two camels and my husband and son had gone for Hajj on one camel and left us the other camel so that we could carry water on it. The Prophet P.B.U.H said: “Go for ‘Umrah’ when Ramadan comes, for ‘Umrah in (that month) is equal to Hajj.”

General Tips for Pilgrims Performing Umrah in Ramadan

The hadith stated above explains the importance of performing Umrah in Ramadan. However, it can become hectic to perform this pilgrimage while fasting, especially for the elderly, pregnant women, and kids. We’ll share some important tips that will help pilgrims to perform Umrah while fasting. However, before discussing these tips, pilgrims must know about the essentials of performing Umrah in Ramadan. Let’s discuss each in turn:

1.      Planning Umrah

Schedule the exact time and date to leave for Umrah. This will give pilgrims a set timeline to prepare important documents, pack their bags, buy things they might need during the travel, etc. This also means that pilgrims must plan each day they will be spending in Mecca and Medina before leaving. They must plan the days specific for performing Umrah and going to Ziyarat tours. Such precise scheduling will also help pilgrims smoothly complete their Umrah journey.

2.      Packing Travel Basics

Pilgrims need to pack essential items they might need during traveling in case of emergency. These include the basic first aid provisions for treating minor health problems like diarrhea, headache, and cold. These supplies also include snacks and drinks that can give an instant energy boost when feeling dizzy after breaking the fast.

3.      Advise for Patients

Pilgrims with specific health issues must pack their medicines. It is important for pilgrims with specific health problems to stock the medicines they would need the most. The reason is that they might not find it feasible to find these medicines in the holy cities. Therefore, it is preferred for them to pack the required quantity of medicines they might need during the whole Umrah journey.

4.      Carrying Copies of Vital Papers

Pilgrims need to make copies of each original document and carry it during their travel. There is a practical solution for three to four pilgrims, traveling together to perform Umrah. Each pilgrim must have copies of the original documents of all the other pilgrims. If every pilgrim keeps all his copied documents only in his own bags, there can be chances of them being lost only if a single bag is lost. If each pilgrim has the copied documents of all the other pilgrims, this will be a better solution for everyone.

5.      Sun Protection

Saudi Arabia is a desert country with scorching sun heat that causes major issues to pilgrims. Therefore, intending pilgrims need to prepare for facing such overwhelming heat, especially during summer. They need to have ORS to treat possible dehydration due to excessive sweating during their travel. Wearing sunglasses and caps helps a lot to prevent the scorching sun heat from affecting pilgrims. Umbrellas help the most in protecting pilgrims from the intense heat of the sun. Pilgrims can keep umbrellas with light colors. Keep sunscreen lotions in small travel bags and apply them before going out in the sun. Keep taking short sips of water and drinks to revitalize the body.

6.      Avoiding Crowded Places

Pilgrims need to conserve their energies while performing Umrah while fasting. For this purpose, they need to avoid making unnecessary moves that can exhaust them. Avoiding crowded places is one such thing that can prevent pilgrims from getting exhausted or dehydrated. They need to follow the instructions of authorities in the holy places to avoid pushing and overcrowding. Pilgrims must also avoid pushing others to prevent them from harm.

7.      Remaining with the Group

Pilgrims traveling with their groups must remain together with them at all times. This also applies to pilgrims performing Umrah with their families. Select a particular place in the mosque to wait there for others in case any member gets lost. Pilgrims traveling in groups usually keep group flags in their hands to raise in the air in case they get lost in the crowd. This tip also proves useful especially while traveling in Ramadan. In this way, other pilgrims wouldn’t have to travel much to find others.

Special Tips for Pilgrims Performing Umrah in Ramadan

Pilgrims performing Umrah in Ramadan can follow these tips to make their pilgrimage comfortable:

  1. Choose a time after breaking the fast to perform Umrah.
  2. In case one decides to perform Umrah while fasting, two of the times can be considered ideal to perform Umrah i.e., either after Fajr or before dawn. The reason for performing Umrah after Fajr is that pilgrims have the energy to make the pilgrimage. Secondly, the sun is just rising at this time which will give pilgrims the benefit of avoiding scorching sun heat. Performing Umrah right before dawn also gives the benefit of avoiding sun heat.
  3. Take a shower before performing Umrah as it gives energy and revitalizes the body. One must also take a shower after performing Umrah to freshen up and gain energy.
  4. Eat foods like fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients like vitamins, protein, minerals, fats, and carbohydrates. It is better to keep drinking and eating a little every hour to over-indulge in food at suhoor time. Over-eating at suhoor will make it difficult for pilgrims who need to perform Umrah while fasting.
  5. Take frequent breaks while performing Umrah to avoid over-exertion.

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