How To Maximize Your Profits While Gathering In New World Season 3?

Do you want to earn millions of New World Coins in Season 3? Then, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this complete guide, I will show you what you can use to maximize your profit while gathering. I will also tell you a few secrets you might have not known yet.

The Importance Of Gathering Yield

While you go on a gathering session, you want your time invested to be worth it. If you do it for profit or for your own use, it always feels good to bring home as much materials as possible. That is when gathering yield comes in.

In New World, there are certain items and buffs that you can get that can double your yield. 

The base yield is 100%. Everyone has it, no matter the level of your tool. The rest can be gained from other sources. 


Tools, Perks & How To Choose The Right One?

The first one is your tool. If you get the best tool, the Mythril tool, you get up to 21% more yield. 

When you’re buying or crafting your tool, you usually have two options: 

  1. Buy the cheapest one with one perk of your choice. I would recommend Gathering Yield. 
  2. The other option is that you get the best one. 

Here, things become tricky as a player might have a hard time knowing what perks are good and what are bad. 

Mandatory perks are Gathering Yield & Luck (Harvesting Yield & Harvesting Luck).


Other two perks are by your choice and depend on the tool you use. 

Azoth Extraction perk is a bad perk as there are many ways to get Azoth and also there are much better perk choices. 

Gathering Recovery is an awesome perk for a skinning knife as you get healed after skinning and you don’t need to waste money on health potions when you were farming animals. 

Gathering Efficiency (Harvesting Efficiency) is just a bad perk. You gather fast enough, anyway. 

Gathering Alacrity is a good perk. You move faster and that is always nice. 

Gathering Discipline (Horticulture Discipline) is a very underrated perk as you get experience faster. So, you get to max level faster, but you also get amplitude levels and that does give you more New World gold for sale you can sell or use for yourself. 

5th Perk can be any mote alignment perk. This one simply gives you a chance to get Motes after you gather a resource. 

Air and Soul motes make proficiency boosters. And the rest of the motes like Fire, Water, Earth and Death sell well on the market.

Enhancing Your Gathering Gear

The best gathering gear gives you not only the needed attribute for a certain gathering skill and gathering luck, but also gathering yield. 

If you get all five of them, you will get a boost of 7.5% more yield. This gear is crafted from a pattern, for example Pattern: Mining Clothing. You can get this item from purple amplitude crates, like Package of Specialized Mining Materials. So getting aptitude levels will be very profitable as the new gathering gear is sellable.


Now if you can think of getting experience, working on your tool is a must have. When you get your attribute to 250, you will get 20% more yield. So if you want to optimize, you will need 250 for a certain skill. 

Strength is for mining, Dexterity is for skinning, Intelligence is for harvesting, Focus is for fishing and Constitution is for logging. If you reach 350 for this threshold, you will also get 10% luck. 

So, theoretically, you could get a 350 threshold almost purely from just the gear you get.

Attribute Points & How They Impact Your Yield?

Two of your weapons give you 38 attributes each, so 76 total, then 32 for each body piece and then 32 for each jewelry piece. So, in total, you are looking at 337. 

Now, I did say almost. You will want to have 25 points in your preferred attribute to achieve a bit more than 350. But don’t worry, 25 and almost each category is worth it, and it has some useful buff that will aid you in combat. This will in the end give you the option to have a full gathering that, without the need to change your attributes.

Leveraging Music Buff For Extra Yield

The next one is very simple. Music buff gives you up to 10% yield. 

You unlock it at music level 100. You just need to get four stars on a song, even on Novice difficulty. Use any song you want. 

Proficiency Boosters: Are They Worth It?

Proficiency booster is an interesting one. It’s for most players not cheap to get and you might be able to lose profit. 

They’re in five tiers. Each tier gives a certain percentage boost for the amount of certain time. 

I recommend you use it right before you start gathering, so you will be sure you have a free route. 

Now, the important question: are they even worth it? 

Well, let’s do some math. Let’s say I would use a Tier 3 booster that gives me 7% more loot for 15 minutes and it costs about 24 gold

In about 15 minutes, I have to buy New World coins to pay off the potion and then profit from it. 

So, I go for thick hide and in 15 minutes, I would get 2000 of them. 7% of 2000 is 140 thick hide. One thick sells for 0.25 gold each. 140 times 0.25 is 35 gold. That means that by using the Tier 3 proficiency booster, I have made a profit of 9 gold. 

Now that does not sound a lot, but if you have a bag that increases the duration of the potions, then the profit will become even bigger or just simply go for more profitable material. 

Every zone is owned by some company. If a zone you want to farm in, let’s say green, and you are green, then you will get the 10% buff. The buff will show in your character’s bio. If you truly want to optimize, you can pick a zone you want to farm and depending on the territory’s ownership. 

Brimstone Sands Fort also gives a yield buff, but it works differently. It does not give you a percentage additive amount like all other buffs do, but it gives a bonus of 10% to all bonuses you have, meaning that to whatever bonus of yield you have, Brimstone Sands Fort will give you 10% more to that bonus. 

Major can assign the buff that allows the owner of the house to have a global buff that gives you a 20% gathering yield for a specific gathering skill. You need to have a house in that territory to receive this buff, among other bonuses that the house gives you. It is truly worth it.

Gathering Luck & Its Impact On Your Profits

Now that you understand how you can stack up your gathering yield, you can work on gathering luck aspect as well. 

The whole mechanic of gathering luck is weird and hard to understand, so I will not bore you with numbers. Just try to stack as much luck as possible and you will be able to have more chances to proc and get different additional items, like Cinnabar, Tolvium, gems and many others. 

They buy themselves have a small chance to drop. But over time in a long farm run, you can get a lot of them and the profit can stack up. 

Before I will explain where you can get as much luck as possible, I will tell you a neat trick. 

With your bonus to yield, you don’t only affect normal material gain, but also the bonus items. So, if you minor and you get Cinnabar, you will get double the amount provided you have double the yield bonus.

Sources Of Gathering Luck Bonuses

Now, let’s take a look at where you can get all of your luck bonuses from. 

Firstly, you can get it from your tool, for example Mythril Skinning Knife with gathering luck perk on it. 

Then, you can get it from gear like this skinning gear I have mentioned before. 

You can also get it from the amulet that you can craft yourself or buy from trade post. You can get it from major gathering trophies that have to be placed in your home. You can have three of them for each type, one for each house. 

Trophies can be crafted or bought from the market. You also get the luck bonus from the 350 level of attribute threshold. Music buff also gives you gathering luck. 

However, you can only have one music buff active at the same time, so you can pick what you want. More gathering yield or gathering luck? That depends on what you want to form. 

You can also increase your specific gathering luck from different food buffs. Dishes are also craftable or purchasable from the other players. 

Most bonus items go on the market for quite a lot of New World Gold. Items that are used for the creation of cool down materials, such as Cinnabar, Tolvium, Barbvine, Scarhide, Smolderhide, Wildwood and many others always keep their price in. Currently, they almost all go for about 9 gold each. 

If you get any of them during your farm runs, you will be able to profit massively. Prices do change depending on the server and the time you check this guide. So, you can view your own server prices on a web page called New World Market Prices.

As you can see from all the bonuses, you can really make your gathering run very efficiently and it will give you a lot of materials you can profit from.

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