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How to make the most out of call center scheduling?

Do you want your call center or sales department to work flawlessly with no interruption or losses? Then using an on-call scheduler is a must for you! Nothing is surprising in automation tools used for call center productivity boost. Yet, you can upscale it to a new level by implementing a special call center scheduler which can cope with multiple tasks at once. Do you want to learn more about it? Then, we are going to share something about it.

Call center automation best solutions

Today’s call centers are more than just a team of operators receiving and making calls during their operation time. Lots of businesses engage contact centers to improve their customer service levels, increase customers’ loyalty, and reach out to their potential audiences. Call centers use innovations to make their workflow even more effective. As usual, the scope of software used in these departments includes digital telephony tools (the same VoIP and IP PBX) and a CRM to collect and provide data about the results of their work. Yet, adding to that list, a call center scheduling software considerably expands the opportunities of this department.

Saying briefly, the call center scheduler partially takes the manager’s and HR’s duties related to workflow planning, urgent replacement of operators, and distribution of shifts between the employees. Besides, it can do even more for you as a business owner, as this technical solution allows you to get accurate information for further analysis and payroll.

What are the problems of planning the call center?

Your call center should work clockwise. Is it so in reality? Some call center employees work hard while others have lazy days. Some require sick lists and others need to get unplanned weekends because of some emergencies. Finally, have you ever faced a situation when you lost customers due to dining hours when all your call center workers simultaneously decided to have a break and the number of missed calls was truly disappointing?

That happens because of a lack of workforce management in your call center! To get results, you should plan results thoroughly, and an on-call scheduler can help you mitigate the most crucial problems with the operation of your contact center.

  • No missed calls anymore.
  • Accurate planning call activity and loads on your employees are provided.
  • No imbalance in workload between operators.
  • Thoughtful scheduling of working shifts engaging the best operators to work on rush hours.
  • Quick replacement in case of emergency.
  • Opportunities to motivate your operators using the scheduler’s data.

All that is implemented in special call center scheduling software, and you can consider Shifton to be one of the best representatives in this niche.

Assign the best workers for the rush hour

Each call center employee has their levels of skills and effectiveness. You can easily track them using a contact center scheduler where the total amount of working hours of each employee is detected. Thus, you can see who is working more efficiently and propose to them the most intense hours to keep the process of work going flawlessly. Instead, novice and less effective staff can be engaged in shifts with lower pressure.

Allow a flexible schedule

There is no need to maintain a strict schedule for all your staff. You can offer your operators a flexible schedule which fits your needs and their requirements. As all the information in the scheduling app updates instantly, you can exchange shifts, add overtime hours, or manage weekends and sick days online for every operator of your call center.

Measuring call center performance

One more merit to get from software for workforce management of a call center is clear and timely data to analyze the whole performance of the department. You get information about each operator and their working activity to evaluate risks, mitigate overload on employees who work the best, and provide motivation & punishment measures for all the staff.

Payroll for hours worked. Automatic calculation

An application for scheduling a call center is not just a tool for the provision of a streamlined working process. It is also an indispensable helper in salary accounting and payroll. You can adjust it to calculate hourly salaries for each employee, wage arrangements with overtime, and include bonuses and penalties in the calculation. It’s fully up to you.

Motivate your employees with overtime bonuses

As most call centers work by hourly payment model with the addition of bonuses for good jobs, that’s how you can motivate your call center team to work as efficiently as possible. Just provide them with the information that their bonuses will be calculated according to the data of the call center scheduling app, and their interest in working better will increase.

So, by making summaries, you can achieve higher results in your call center or sales department if add some more automation to your operation. An on-call scheduler is your automated HR & accounting pro which helps to plan, change, measure, and account for all the workflow of your call center.  

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