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How to Make Role Icons in Discord

The long-awaited role icons for Discord server level two are finally here. With only a few clicks, owners can identify positions with a unique graphic to increase visibility.

The 64×64 pixel icon appears next to a user’s name in the member list or chat so that other users may locate them. In addition, owners can use this capability to improve the aesthetics of their server. Captivating icons can be modified as the design evolves and can be designed to correspond with a variety of themes. These steps demonstrate how to create a Discord role icon and submit it to your server.

Find a role icon image
Upload and Resize Image in Kapwing Studio
Export and Download
Upload role icon to Discord

Step One: Find a Role Icon Image

Begin by generating role icons that are visually appealing and compatible with your server. On servers with varied interests, tokens, badges, and emblems would make for excellent role icons. Otherwise, it will be hard to see. If you are using an icon, keep it centered so it does not get cut out. For the role icon, you can use either a JPG or PNG file. Included below are some planning suggestions.

Second Step: Upload and Resize Picture in Kapwing Studio

In this tutorial, I am creating my role icon with Kapwing. Kapwing is a free, browser-based video editor that can be used from any device and features straightforward tools for creating contemporary content.

Go to Kapwing on your web browser and click Start Editing or New Workspace. I recommend establishing a workspace to save and generate multiple icons for up to two days. To create a free account for your workspace, simply register using an email address.

There are several methods for uploading an image to the editor. You can upload the file by clicking Upload, pasting a link, or dragging it onto the canvas. Once the image has loaded, click Custom under Output size on the Studio’s right side, then adjust the dimensions to 64×64.

Click Plugins then browse Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay until you pick a suitable image to use as your symbol. Each option produces high-quality photos that can be freely modified and used.

You can modify your role icon further for more flair. To adjust the appearance, click Adjust and move the sliders from left to right next to each parameter, and click Filters to peruse 17 distinct possibilities. You can use the crop tool to isolate a piece of an image, then resize the canvas by choosing Custom and entering 64×64 pixels.

Step Three: Download and Export

Click Export Picture in the upper-right corner of the Studio when you are done changing the role icon. After the icon has been processed, save the image to your device by giving it an easily-remembered filename and then clicking Download. Sign in with your email address to remove the minor watermark in the corner, and then download the image.

Step Four: Upload Role Icon to Discord

Launch your server and then click the down carrot next to the server’s name in the upper-left corner to reveal the new icon. Choose a role for customization by selecting Server Settings followed by Roles. Choose Select Image followed by Browse Files to upload your 64×64 image. Your image must be under 256kb in size to display. Click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen once your icon has been uploaded. Now, members may see your personalized role icon!

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