Everyone wants to make money with cryptocurrency. But not everyone ends up doing that. Cryptocurrency has been a subject of talk and various methods of making money. With the rise of Bitcoin over the years and other crypto coins like Ethereum and Solana emerging in recent years, cryptocurrency has become the most considered investment. 

Beginners looking to dip their toes in cryptocurrency can make money in several ways. Yes, you can make money with cryptocurrency.

Here are some of the easiest and legitimate ways to consider making money, which a standard investor can use.

  • Buy and Hold Cryptocurrency

Buy and hold is the most common way of making money with cryptocurrency. This method is preferable for people with a long-term investment horizon. It involves buying a crypto coin from a cryptocurrency exchange and waiting until it rises. Once the price rises, they sell at a profit. Most investors consider buying and holding the top cryptocurrency by market cap because they tend to be the most reliable and have the highest potential return for the long term.


  • Day Trading Cryptocurrency

Some would prefer to invest with a short-term horizon. This method is for those looking to make a relatively quick profit. It involves buying and selling quickly. Moreover, this requires higher risk. It takes a lot to be a day trader. Fundamental and technical skills are needed.


  • Copy Trading

Copy Trading is most suitable for inexperienced and novice traders. It involves copying the trade of expert and profitable traders with a proven positive track record on the trading platform. It enables users to automatically copy the positions opened by the traders of their choice. You also get the chance to take things slowly and learn how to trade correctly.


  • Free Mining

Some cryptocurrency exchange, like BitYard, offers free mining to collect different digital assets, including the native BitYard coin, BYD. Mined assets can be converted instantly and transferred to the user’s gift money balance. The gift money can be used to pay for trading fees on the platform. You can treat this as a game if you’re free.


  • Joining the Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program is one of the simplest means of earning. The requirement is to invite potential investors to register using your referral link. Users are given commissions depending on the number of referrals they have and the deposit made by each referral.


Indeed, cryptocurrency is one of the answers to making money online. The cryptocurrency industry is still in its early stages and has more growth potential. Just keep in mind, it is vital to do your research before investing.


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Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are volatile. Always do your research and invest what you can afford to lose.



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