How To Hit A Driver Off The Tee Like A Pro

The driver is among the most important clubs in your bag – quite intimidating too if you are new to golf. While there is more to golf than smashing the driver, hitting with accuracy will give you a competitive edge over your opponent. 

Here is how to hit a driver off the tee with no hassle at all:

Check the tee

This is a common mistake most newbies make – they never pay attention to the actual tee. Forget about the swing for now – you need to place the ball on the tee. It sounds like a simple step, but a little attention will give you the consistency you need.

Make sure the ball is at the same height all the time. You will probably think – it is up to the tee. Indeed, it is. Pay attention to the process – you need half the ball to be over the face of your driver during the process. This position makes it simple to elevate the ball.

Pay attention to your stance

You can learn how to hit a driver off the tee without hassle if you always double-check your stance. When you tee the ball, ensure it is in the forward position of the stance. It should be within the lead heel.

This position allows you to get the ball at the end of the swing, meaning more power is going into the ball. Keep the feet together by the ball. Take a wide step back with the trail foot, and you have the perfect stance for a great swing.

Adjust your spine

At this point, the ball is in a perfect position, and you have the perfect stance. Your swing may still need a bit of training, but starting in this position will help you hit better, faster, and further. Grab the club and practice to get used to this swing.

The club goes in your lead hand. Make sure shoulders are perfectly level with the ground, but also square. Get the trail hand on the club too. Your body will move a little – the back, for instance, will tilt back. It is a natural move and should feel comfortable.

This is the ideal place to impress with your swing. It also feels easy to hit with no issues on the back.

Go on with the swing

You have everything ready for your swing now. The setup is complete, so a bit of practice will get you on track in no time. Given the position, your swing does not have to be perfect – it takes time. Just do your best, see what went wrong, and try again.

Your arms must dangle a little during the swing. Overall, the swing should have a smooth flow and feel natural. Most newbies tend to change the setup while preparing for the swing – or even while hitting. This is a bad idea.

At first, focus on keeping the right position, or your swing will suffer, and you are likely to lose power.

Put some power in

Learning how to hit a driver off the tee also implies using power. The driver is a heavy club, and unlike other clubs, it does not require too much gentleness. Sure, you need smoothness in your swing, but you also need to put some power in.

From this point, you should be ready to allow the heavy head to put some power in. Begin with the swing, maintain the setup, keep the spine slightly tilted, and you will be ready to hit far and straight. Once you manage to keep the setup, maintaining a straight and balanced swing is probably the biggest challenge.

Focus on straightening the movement, and you will soon be shooting bombs off the tee.


As a short conclusion, learning how to hit a driver off the tee may take a bit of time and focus. You might get lucky and have a few lucky shots straight away, but it takes time to get used to the stance and movement, which require discipline.

The big stick is easy to control, though, yet accuracy and power need a bit of practice – follow these steps, and you will impress your opponents in no time.

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