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How to grow your Instagram followers? List of proven ways


Instagram is a leading platform and becoming popular with around 1 billion monthly active users. So, it’s a big market with more opportunities for brands and marketers. But building an online presence is challenging; it requires time, help, and proper guidance.

How to grow your Instagram followers? Proven ways:

Earlier, we discussed that it’s not a secret that Instagram is bringing opportunities for marketers. It’s proven from the stats that there are around 200 million business accounts on Instagram. There isn’t any specific formula to increase followers. But you can grow by understanding the algorithm and the audience’s interest. So, here are the common ways to grow your Instagram followers.

Start posting reels:

As per stats, Instagram is the second most engaged network after Facebook. Some features help to grab the public’s attention. One of the proven ways is that you should start posting reels. Reels are short, engaging videos that could be fun, creative, and informative simultaneously. So, it’s a great way to grab more attention and followers. Here are the following steps for creating reels:

Storyboard concept Shoot reel
Preview reel and add effects Share reel on the platform


It’s good to schedule posts in advance that you want to post on the platform. Consistency is the key to gaining more followers. Thus, produce high-quality reels because video content is in demand nowadays.

Take help of Instagram stories:

If you want more followers, you must engage the public differently. However, one of the proven ways is to use the stories feature on Instagram. According to the stats, people post around 500 million stories daily on the platform. The primary aim is to share your life with the audience as it’s the best way to create a connection. Stories last only 24 hours, but you can pin them in highlights for visitors. This way, people who watch stories will click on the “Follower” button and engage on the post.

 Use trending hashtags:

We can say hashtags perform best for gaining new followers and public attention. If you are using the right hashtags, then it will make your video, post, or image more visible to the targeted audience. Different tools will help to find tags that are trending in your niche. Most top brands create their hashtags to stand out; if the tags are convincing, more people follow you. But it’s vital to appreciate followers, and you can do that by resharing their posts with the same hashtag.

Learn more about the Instagram algorithm:

You don’t need to worry if you genuinely understand the Instagram algorithm. Most influencers panic if their timeline doesn’t rank on time. So, don’t try to beat the algorithm; instead, focus on developing systems that will help you to grow. Here are the following factors that will show your growth:

Look at the interest that people are showing in your videos.
How often do you post on Instagram?
How often do you use the Instagram app?
How much time are you giving to the platform?
Are you aiming to develop a relationship with your audience?


So, the best strategy is to generate high-quality content consistently. If you focus more on quality instead quantity, then it’s a great strategy to attract followers.

Buy Instagram followers:

If organic ways aren’t working, then you have a chance of buying Instagram followers. Instagram followers are more than numbers, and the first impression is everything. So, if there are more numbers of followers, then it creates a good impression on the audience. But it’s equally crucial to use a good and authentic service. For instance, “” is among the top platforms that provide genuine followers at a low price. Moreover, you can even get customized packages for platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram. But don’t go for any service that provides fake followers as it hurts account reach.

Partner with influencers & brands:

It’s another excellent strategy to gain more followers. So, partner with other influencers and like-minded people for promotions. The influencer tags your account, and you get more followers. You can partner with others even if you don’t have money. For instance, you can collaborate with others in exchange for products or services. Moreover, create content people like and want to see on your platform.

Optimize Instagram posts:

If you post lovely photos and videos, don’t forget to write great captions. Your description is a great way to capture more followers and attention. Captions allow you to boost the visibility of the post you are sharing. Apart from this, try to create content that can quickly get viral. The great caption should be 2200 characters long, but you can play around with different lengths.

Pro tip:

If you want to control your Instagram growth, give your audience quality. Social media is mainly for marketing; your strategy should be more realistic. You can take the help of paid ways if you are a beginner.







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